Japan’s version of Frances Burnett’s A Little Princess (Princess Sarah).

I used to love Princess Sarah (it was the title used when it aired in our country) when I was a kid. I remember that I religiously watched it everyday and that I’d watched it countless of times.

The thing with Princess Sarah is though Sarah remained poor for almost all the episodes (except for the first and last), it still interest us (and children most especially) because we want to see Sarah as a princess again, and I’m sure it touched a lot of hearts with the misfortunes Sarah encountered.

That’s why I decided to give Shokojo Seira a try.

However almost halfway through the series, I stopped.

Somehow, Seira (Shida Mirai) did not appeal to me. Though dressed as a princess, I can’t seem to see her as one. Maybe it’s just me. It would have been better if they casted someone with softer features. Shida Mirai struck me as the bratty type of girl.

When she became a maid and was ridiculed by others, it didn’t have the effect I was expecting (though she’s really pitiful at times). Forgive me for saying all these. Plus, I hope they had a more appropriate guy for Kaito’s role, not that I’m against Hayashi acting it. But then again, he did not appeal to me, if Kaito’s cuter then I think I would endure finishing this series (hahaha, I know this is supposed to be a kid’s story but then again, lolz).

If there’s one person who made me continue watching, it was her (omg, I don’t even know her name). She has a pretty interesting character.

But then eventually I stopped watching. I thought that it will be better to just stop and watch another series. But maybe it was just me :\