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A woman is meant to be swayed by a man who holds out his hand when she’s going through the hardest time.

You Who Came From the StarsNumber of episodes: 21
Year of Broadcast: 2013 – 2014
Broadcast Network: SBS
Plot source: Asian Wiki

Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) is an alien who came to earth in 1609 and lands in the Joseon era, then lives through the next four hundred years to the present day where he works as university professor and falls in love with a haughty top Hallyu actress, Chun Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun).
T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

note: This is not a full-length review, more of a rant.

Even if I am not watching Asian dramas lately, I have been up-to-date with what’s going in on in doramaland. The success of You Who Came from the Stars (YWCftS) did not miss my notice.

What prompted me to finally watch this is its nearing broadcast in one of our local channels, I thought to myself, I should not miss it because with the way that the channel is promoting it, I am sure it will be a hit.

So, after two days of watching it straight, my verdict is???

Yeorobeun, I am in the minority here. I can imagine someone commenting on this post (once I hit that published button) criticizing my taste for dramas.

The thing is, my taste for dramas has indeed changed. The biggest factor that would make me love a drama is how much I enjoyed watching it, meaning, the thought of fast forwarding scenes (or wishing for a particular arc to end fast) should not cross my mind.

man from the star (16)I honestly enjoyed the first few episodes of this series. It was fun to see the banter between Song Yi and Min Joon and I was, at the same time, drawn by the mystery surrounding Min Joon. More so, I think it was the idea of Min Joon’s past love being reincarnated that really drew me in (and how the mighty Min Joon would realize that the primadonna Song Yi is the reincarnation of his OTL). However, as the truth finally hit Min Joon and the story continued, I found myself getting less excited. How could I explain it better? Let me see, instead of a 21-episode drama, it could’ve worked the same way if it were cut down to 16 (but yeah, popularity and all). I just think that there were some scenes that we could have done without.

What I was looking for in this drama or rather, what I was missing as I watched on was the cuteness presented in the first few episodes. I have no complaints regarding the casts, they were all good but for me, I wanted the cuteness back! I also wanted the focus to shift on Song Yi’s difficulties in reclaiming her A-list status (with the presence of Do Manager) instead of the monstrosity that is Jae Kyung. That is why, I was so happy during the episode where Song Yi was filming the action movie and Do Manager was causing all sorts of trouble for the crew.

Anyway, casting that issues aside, the biggest hindrance to me liking YWCftS is my love for the secondary characters (I was more invested in them than our main couple!). I fell in love at first sight with Lee Hee Kyung.

man from the star (18)Daaaaaamn. Why am I suddenly developing the second-guy syndrome?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want him to end up with Song Yi (because obviously she is for Min Joon alone) but if there is an alternate universe where Min Joon does not exist, I am sure Hee Kyung is in the running for the most perfect man award (and boy how glad am I that he did not end up with Se Mi! haha).

Or to put it in another term, imagine if there is no Min Joon, no alien plot, and we just focus our attention on the development between Song Yi and Hee Kyung’s relationship, it will make an interesting story (it may be cliche but the chemistry between their younger selves is amazing):

man from the star (3)I am a fan of young Song Yi and Hee Kyung! Honestly, I can’t remember how many times I wish that writers would create a drama based on young people.

Aside from Hee Kyung, my second favorite character in the series, is Song Yi’s brother Yoon Jae!

man from the star (6)man from the star (11)

Imagine how happy I was when he had more exposures in the later episodes (I think he’s a noona killer! lol, although I learned later on that he’s 27!).

man from the starStill, don’t bash me Kim Soo Hyun fans! I did like Soo Hyun here! Upon learning about his character, I was inspired to pattern one of my future heroes from him (if ever I get started on writing a story). And even if what I have written above were my sentiments, putting the draggy parts aside, there were scenes in this drama that were worth 10+ stars! I have shed tears at some of the more powerful parts and I laughed my ass off at the funny scenes.

It is just that perhaps I have this high (and different) expectations for this drama prior to starting it, couple it with my bias heart for Hee Kyung and bam! you got one unsatisfied heart.

Anyway, I give props for the writer for writing this one poignant dialogue (it honestly changed my perspective for this drama) towards the end:

I: Is disappearing without a heads-up difficult to bear with?

SY: Of course it is but it also makes me love him more because every moment that we’re together could be our last, and that makes every moment precious.

So yeah, I am in the minority in that I can say that I have not been that obsessed with YWCftS. I liked it but it isn’t enough to put this series in my favorites list.

My rating: 4coffees