But you know what? Amongst all the bad things that happened, you’re the best thing in them.

Full House ThaiNumber of episodes: 20
Year of Broadcast: 2014
Broadcast Network: Channel 8
Plot source: Doramax264

Aom-am is a naive writer who got swindled out of everything she owned including her house. Stranded in Korea, she managed to borrow money from an actor Mike to return to Thailand. On her return, she found out that her house was bought by Mike. In an attempt to get her possessions back, she entered in a contract marriage with Mike. The initially business relationship between the two turns into personal as they start to rely and care for each other. Based on a popular manhwa of the same title.
T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

note: I have had this review sitting on my laptop for months! 

Confession time: I am not a fan of Full House (the Korean one). Truth is, I have watched the series five years after the original FH aired.

While there were things that were endearing in FH, I wasn’t much a fan of the plot  (the reason why I am bringing this up will be tackled later).

Recently, the Thailand version of FH has been “popping” up on my radar. It wasn’t until my friend/officemate shared the link of “Oh Baby I” MV on my FB wall that I have finally decided to watch it. I fell in love at first hearing the song (Mike’s voice is sooo lovely).

So my thoughts after finishing the entire series?

Full House Thai

In my opinion, it is better than the original version. The Korean version’s casts may have the upper-ups in the looks department but if I were to judge based on the overall impact, I choose the Thai version.

The reason why I was hesitant to watch FH Thai was because I did not find the lead guy appealing. I don’t want to sound mean but if you were to base your opinion on pictures alone, you would definitely have second thoughts.

Even if I have said that I like FH Thai better, I still had a few complains about it (especially in the beginning) and it was a wonder that even with said complaints, I still liked it in the end.

One of the things I hated (or probably most hated) was the lead female Om-Am. I was so annoyed at her on the first few episodes of the series that I could not imagine myself liking the Thai version. I couldn’t stomach how superior she thinks she is and how ungrateful she is towards Mike.

Another thing that made me skeptical if I could like FH was Mike. Admit it girls, he isn’t the most goodlooking guy you’ve seen, right? But the good thing is, despite the initial prejudice, I started to appreciate him as the drama progressed. His character was better than that of Rain’s. I can’t remember much of the Korean version, but one thing I could never forget was how much of a
jerk Rain’s character is. I like how the writers crafted Mike’s character.

Full House Thai 2

My last issue with this version is the lack/shortage of intense (heart-pounding) scenes between Mike and OmAm. It would’ve been better if the writers included more scenes where we could see a jealous Mike and OmAm, I would also appreciate it if we got to see more sweet scenes between the two.

That being said, when judged in its entirety, I have enjoyed the Thai version more than the Korean.

I think it is because this version is more drama-free than its predecessor. Thinking about it, FH Thai’s light-heartedness is probaby the reason why this series won me over. Another factor that made me like this version more is the fact that the male lead’s character is more bearable than his  Korean counterpart.

Full House Thai 1

I also like the parts where our main couple went to Korea. This has provided a refreshing and original take on the story. I am happy that instead of whole-heartedly following the original, we got to see this new addition to the story. The insertion of the Korea plot assured that most of the draggy parts in the original were to be erased in this version. Also, after finishing this series,
I had this sudden wish to go to Korea with the future love of my life.

The only downside to the Thai version was its last few episodes. Honestly, it wasn’t the writers’fault because they were constricted/required to stick with the original plot because it was the main conflict of the story. This part (main conflict) was the main reason why the original didn’t click with me.

It was such a pity for the Thai version to follow the same format (though if it weren’t for the original, this remake would not be possible), especially when the storyline was getting interesting (our main couple was finally realizing the worth of each other!) Still, if there were something that this part proved, it was that the Thai writers were really good.

For those who are in doubt on whether or not to watch this version, I urge you to do so 🙂 I have made my officemates watch it and even though they were skeptical at first, they came back to me saying that they loved it!

p.s. Part of why I like this is because of the OSTs. Everytime Mike’s song pops up, I could not help but feel this overwhelming emotion and it may heightened up my feelings toward the series 🙂

My rating: 45coffee