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Aha. I found a new eye candy (laughs evily)

P   L   O   T

Atashinchi no Danshi is about a girl who finds herself suddenly married to an eccentric multi-millionaire who offers to pay off the 100 million yen debt her father left her stuck with if she agrees to stay with him for the one month he has left to live. Later she finds out that that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Now she has to bring his 6 adopted, handsome, equally eccentric sons together as a family. Will she be able to do it? (source: d-addicts)

T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

Where was I when this was shown? Obviously I’m obsessing over other things.

Atashinchi no Danshi stars Maki Horikita as Mineta Chisato, a homeless girl who later found herself married to a multi-millionaire.

Actually, I have heard about this drama before, but knowing about the plot (I can’t imagine Maki being homeless and taking care of six adopted sons) stopped me from watching it. After the first episode, I found out that I can bear it, and on the contrary I quite enjoyed the series.

Then there were the sons. Let me talk about the three eldest sons (am I too excited?) [forgive me for the pic spams, there’s just too many cute pics to capture]. This review will be LONG.

The eldest is Fuu. At the start of the series (and a few epis after), he was nowhere near the castle (where the Okura family lives). At first I thought he’d be Chisato’s love interest (or at least a hindrance to my OTP) but it turns out he’s not, so I’m satisfied. I’ll confess that I’m not fond of Kaname Jun (Fuu) and the same goes for his character (well for some time I wasn’t). When he finally entered the scene, he caused some trouble for Chisato, however as he grew close to his siblings, I learned to appreciate him more, and I guess it should be because he is still the eldest (and therefore the head) of the siblings.

Second eldest is Takeru. Without being biased, I’ll have to say he’s my favorite out of all the adoptive sons (ahem, my new found crush is on a totally different level). He brings life to the family. He gives the feeling that when he’s around, one should not worry. He’s funny and a softy (though a member of a bike gang).

Third oldest is Sho. He works as a host and do I need to say this? He’s obviously my new found crush. I’m sure almost all who watched AnD loves him. I don’t classify him as a “super handsome” type of guy but he’s got charisma, he’s hot and he’s handsome (ahahah, i hate to contradict myself). I like him and his jackets >:) For me, he’s the epitome of a perfect boyfriend. And he definitely suits Maki (I’ll tackle that later on 🙂

Next would be Masaru. With Maki and Yoshinori in the cast, it almost feels like Hana Kimi. If before he was ghost boy, now he’s an idol with a phobia of women. I don’t know if it’s just me but sometimes I think he looks like Toma (not really super look alikes but there’s something similar).

Satoru. The boy who always locks up in his room (I can relate to him xD). During the first episode, after seeing him, I thought to myself “what a cutie!”, that was before I laid eyes on Sho, but then he’s cute 🙂 I like how he always compete with Masaru and how they both care for each other (shonen ai! just joking)

The youngest – Akira. Truthly speaking, I don’t like boys with Akira’s attitude (hahahahahahahaha). That’s why his character didn’t appeal much to me but still there were scenes of him that touched my heart. Plus I can’t imagine the Okura household without him (he’s the only reliable person I could think of :D)

Chisato chan. Maki, hmmmm, she can definitely carry any role. One thing I like about her is how carefree she is (her character). She complements the six sons and she can be a motherly figure to all of them. (Can’t think of anything more to say). And oh I like her when she’s homeless (especially when she’s sporting the wig)

When I was not expecting to like Atashinchi no Danshi it was the other way around. After episode 1, I found myself loving the series. It was lighthearted, funny, and it has the element of romance (ChiSho FTW). Though most of the scenes were unrealistic but it is just the way AnD is. I even thought that AnD may have become one of my favorite dramas (same league as Hana Kimi, maybe a tad below), well as far as episodes 2-7 were concerned, but somehow the latter episodes didn’t surpassed my standards (I think it’s because of the time I watched 2-7 & 8 – 11?). The last few episodes were a bit disappointing (not counting the ChiSho moments). But overall I still love AnD. I adore the Okura family (seeing six different personalities + Chisato all together in a castle).

If there is YaMaki, ToMaki, then there’s Mukai and Maki (omg, what does their shippers use?). Seriously, I think out of all the three pairs, I like Mukai and Maki (if only ToMaki will be given the chance). They have great chemistry. They fit perfectly as a pair. They started as friends (well Sho seems the only one who readily accepted Chisato) but then as the scenes unfold, hints were given that there’s something bound to happen, and even if there’s none, I’m sure fans would love to see this two together.

I would love to see them together. And the last episode left me hanging. That was the worse cliffhanger anyone could give (nah, I was just annoyed, lol). I almost screamed my lungs out at the part about the “23 winning streaks”. All I ask for is for the confession to take place. Still I think it’s alright, since originally Atashinchi no Danshi is a story revolving around the family, take the “romantic part” as an added bonus ;).