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Ming Dao :3

P   L   O   T

Shan Jun Hao (Ming Dao), the CEO to a large hotel chain, is the stereotypical heir – spoiled, coldhearted, and ruthless. He meets Ye Tian Yu (Qiao En), a schemer and somewhat of a gold-digger and after a series of events, Tian Yu “accidentally” runs Jun Hao over. Turns out, Jun Hao has lost all of his memories and became a kindhearted and loving person. Just when love is in the air, Jun Hao’s family came looking for him and he has a fiancée who loves and misses him. Some more “accidents” occurred, and Jun Hao lost all of his memories of Tian Yu and went back to being a spoiled heir. However, Tian Yu fights for their love even though Jun Hao thinks of her as a lying schemer. Will Jun Hao remember his love for Tian Yu? Who will Jun Hao choose? And who is the person causing all the “accidents”? (source: dramawiki)

T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

Truth is, I am aware of the popularity that The Prince Who Turns into a Frog experienced (I knew it years ago) but my own personal bias stopped me from seeing it.

Bias #1: I didn’t find Qiao En pretty and I was doutbul whether she can make a series interesting enough for me to enjoy.

Bias #2: I didn’t like Ming Dao (inserts GASP here). I didn’t find him cute and I thought he was a bit short (really, you see, a man’s height is a factor in his appeal, or is it just me?)

With thesethings said, I think you know where I’m coming from.

The thing is, I have watched and enjoyed Fated to Love You. And we all know how Ethan Ruan is likened to Ming Dao and it happened that his partner in the drama is Qiao En. At that time, I remember how I like Ethan more than Ming Dao (I did not even care about him!).


Bias #1: I love Qiao En. She may not fall under the typical pretty actress category but she’s definitely a charmer. Watching My MVP Valentine convinced me of her awesomeness. I am even considering watching her other dramas. She is a great actress 🙂 Sooo funny and versatile. I may not have notice or given importance to her before but she has now become one of my faves.

Bias #2: MING DAO. YOU YOU YOU SUPER LOVELY GUY. I don’t even know who Ethan is. Do I even know him? LOLz. Just joking. I want to bang my head in a concrete wall because of my foolishness. I don’t want to compare but I think Ming Dao is miles better than Ethan – in terms of looks and acting (hey, I like both guys). HOLY GUATEMALA. He captivated my heart as Jun Hao, all the more as Dang Ou. Who would ever think of him as not cute? With that eyebrows and baby face. Like Damn (pardon my word). He is such a brilliant actor. His switching between Jun Hao and Dang Ou is super realistic that one would really think that he may have a twin or something. Not only that, but in every scene one can feel the sincerity and the outburst of emotion from this guy. I’ll have to admit that during episode 1 (when he is still Jun Hao), I was a bit skeptic, but the moment he changed into Dang Ou, I knew I was completely under his spell.

The Story. Obviously, PTF all had the cliches we are used to: rich CEO guy, poor girl, the two falling inlove, guy’s mother getting in the way, and amnesia. Amnesia played a big role in this drama. This series is said to be similar to the Korean drama Save the Last Dance. I do agree that they shared similarities but forgive me in saying that I enjoyed PTF mooore (well except that StLD’s OST will forever be immortalized in my heart).

What made it standout. Are you even asking me this? I think one thing that will separate Taiwanese dramas from other countries’ dramas is its tendency to over exaggerate things. By over exaggerating, I am referring to them creating more comical, funny and out of this world scenes. If PTF is just any other dramas I would be bored by it after just a few episodes, but thanks to the funny lines and scenes, it became a truly magical series. IDK but I was laughing all throughout the series (well except for the serious parts). Aside from the great script, I have to commend the actors behind it. All of them did a fantastic job.

Ming Dao, Qiao En and Ming Dao. Your ears are probably annoyed by me mentioning MD. BUT what can I do? He’s too adorable for words. The thing with me, you can tell that a drama has left its impact on me when I am deeply involved with the actor. His smile, his gaze and his innocence ALWAYS get me. And the way he kiss! ARRRGGGHHH. Such a fine man. His chemistry with Qiao En is unbelievable, I would not complain seeing them together and I would want to see them end up with each other.

Most favorite part? The time when Jun Hao became Dang Ou and all the part involving the people of Guan Mei village. It was never a bore watching them. It felt so natural and heart warming 🙂 I also enjoyed the part after Jun Hao forget all his memories as Dang Ou and how he, as Jun Hao, fell for Tian Yu all over again. Only shows the power of love. Still, I couldn’t deny that I enjoyed seeing Tian Yu with Zi Qian, the times they spent together were also as memorable.

The downside. The episodes were so many. While it does not really have that much of an effect, but I personally prefer that keeping it at atleast 25 episodes would work best. Some of the scenes (especially towards the end) were unnecessary and I hate it when they inserted corporate shizness in the story. Make Jun Hao penniless? C’mon, seeing him like that was unbelievable especially when I was witnessed to how capable he was at the beginning.

Overall. I love this series very much. though I’m currently having an internal debate on whether or not PTF should be included in my Top 10 Favorite Dramas List (and that I do not have yet! haha). Still, with 30 episodes, this is so worth your time 🙂 I do love fairy tales, I am wishing for a prince to appear in front of me and I’m glad one did (Dang Ou :3).

Some quotes/lines I love:

When I opened my eyes, you were the first person I saw (Dang Ou, referring to the first time he saw Tian Yu)

Hey, don’t fall in love with my shoulders (Dang Ou)

I’m a hotel proprietor, not a hotel terminator (Jun Hao)

You look like an untruthful maid who stars in X-rated movies (gangster to Tian Yu)

Dang Ou: Do you believe in everlasting love?
Tian Yu: I do.
Dang Ou: Why?
Tian Yu: You’ll be happier believing it exists ♥

Shan Jun Hao is not God, he is human too, he’s an ordinary person, deep down he desires true love too, he also shivers when he faces the girl he likes, hoping she would love him. Dang Ou is in Shan Junhao’s heart, how could you wake Dang Ou up and ignore him?” (Jun Hao to Tian Yu)

I’ve been thinking how a girl like you manages to change a person’s heartbeat. I don’t like being influenced, I hate people who influence me, I hate your influencing my heartbeat, getting into my vision and affecting my thoughts. Tell me, how can I stop you from influencing my life? How can I stop my mind from thinking about you?” (Jun Hao to Tian Yu)


Dear, we’re in a cave with candles, isn’t this the ideal place for our consummation? (Jun Hao to Tian Yu)”