*list of shows will come later on..

D B S J  =  my forever love.


Since I’m an obsessed fan-girl, and it will be my first Christmas with these 18 fantastic boys, I’m making a page entirely dedicated to them.

A    B    O     U    T

This page will mainly document all the shows (whatever show that maybe) that DBSJ has appeared in (and that I’ve downloaded). Short summaries will be provided.

R    E    A    S    O    N

Since there are a lot of variety/talk shows that DBSJ has been part of, I was really having a hard time deciding on what to download first,  and it’s hard because they have appeared on numerous shows and not to mention the file sizes would make one’s HDD die, so in short I have to prioritize the shows that are worth my short amount of time. (I’m not saying that there are dull ones). Plus, it is hard to find descriptions of some of the shows, so the only solution is you have to watch it via streaming sites, the thing is, I hate watching videos online (I am a download freak), okay I occasionaly watch sometimes (if the show is not on my list of priorities).


For those who don’t know (I’m sure you DO know)

DBSJ stands for DongBangSuJu, the name is a combination of my top two favorite bands in the world – Dong Bang Shin Ki(DBSK) and Super Junior.

Do I need to introduce them? Maybe later on.


















3 thoughts on “DongBangSuJu”

  1. iMa FReaK said:

    oooo…sexy!thxx for sharing!lol!

  2. Hi. Can you tell me where I can download TVXQ’s drama with eng subs? Dangerous Love etc??? Please, you won’t believe how long and hard I’ve been looking. Please?

  3. Ally ~ I used to DL videos here –
    However, most of their ULed vids are in megaupload, and as we all know, MU was shutdown 😦

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