This will be an overview of the books (not the drama). A lot of people maybe wondering what Kristine Series is all about, and now I’ll try to provide a summary of the series. I’ll be doing an individual summary of the books in the near future, but for now let’s focus first on the series as a whole.

Book #s: to date there are 53 books in the series, some stories have 3 parts, while most consist of two to one.

Authors: Most of the books were written by Martha Cecilia, during the first part of the series, however, some authors (or is it only Amanda? sorry I skipped those which MC didn’t wrote) wrote for some of the books.

Characters: If I’ll generalize the series, I’ll have to say that it is mainly about the Fortalejo and the Navarro clan, though some families were also introduced at some point (i.e. Atienza, Santa de Leones), also the latter stories feature men of the SEALs.

Places of importance:

Fortalejos: Paso de Blas – an island somewhere in Palawan (or near to it), Kristine Hotel and Resort, Villa Kristine

Navarro: Alta Tierra – somewhere near Quezon Province

Want to find out more? (beware there might be spoilers)

Kristine Series tells the story of generations of families. For the Fortalejo, it all started with Don Leon, those with the colored fonts represent the Fortalejo men/women (with stories) [2nd generation=green, 3rd = light blue]

And here are the Navarro men and women (started with the story of Franco Navarro).

You may wonder, is the Fortalejo clan related to the Navarro clan? Well almost. At first they were just business partners but with the marriage of Jenny Navarro to Zandro Fortalejo, the two clan became related.



So then you’ll ask, what is the story about? I remember encountering a site before describing the books perfectly (and now I can’t find it).

Basically it’s about family, pride, greed, success, love, lust, betrayal (?), pain, sufferings and the sort.

What makes it special? Everything about it. I guess you have to start reading at the very first book so you’ll get the feeling of the book. Once you started reading, you’ll find yourself at paradise (in Paso de Blas and Alta Tierra that is), you’ll find yourself surrounded by the gorgeous, jet-setter and filthy rich playboys of the Fortalejo and Navarro clan and the beautiful women of the F&N Clan.

You’ll witness how rich (as in ultra mega rich) the said clans are, and by the end of the series (it’s still running btw) you’ll be used to imagining horses, helicopters, yachts, sports cars, Cessna planes, it’s a common thing in the books by the way.

Still, I think the thing that draws the reader deeply into these books is how the love stories of the hero and heroines develop. And this is where Martha Cecilia‘s creative mind comes in, she can make a brilliant love story, and although she has written hundreds of books, you’ll never get tired of reading. Her stories are brilliant.

If you’re into a story involving a rich, arrogant and drop dead gorgeous man falling inlove with a naive and innocent girl (and sometimes rebellious! haha) then KS is for you. Still it’s not just that plot, there are a lot of twists and turns, so you should read it 🙂

Sorry, if what I have written so far isn’t that helpful (I felt like it isn’t). But I would like to end this post by listing my favorites out of all the book =)

Favorite Story: Rose Tattoo (Lance and Billie’s story)

runner ups: James Navarro, Blue-eyed Devil (Renz and Shannon’s) and One Wish (Karl Anton and Lora)

Favorite Character: 1. Lenny Fortalejo, 1.1 Renz Navarro (and Lance, i love them both), 2. James Navarro

Favorite ending: Blue-eyed Devil

Tear jerkers: Endlessly (Bernard and Jewel’s), Panther Walks (Aidan’s story), I Have Kept You in My Heart (Nick and Alaina’s years after story)

Funniest: Wild Rose (Alvaro and Kristine’s) – i remember I laughed the loudest here

Most Exciting/Action filled/Heart stopping: Brad Santa de Leones (Brad and Cameron’s)

Bernard and Jewel’s story has the most number of books (4 books in total) published and for most, whenever the name KS is mentioned, Bernard and Jewel’s story comes to mind. This couple suffered a lot before they achieved their happy ending (so be prepared when you watched Kristine).

For those who are interested, I have a blog about book reviews, and I am trying to do a book reviews for KS, as of now, yung kay James palang ang nagagawa ko, pero still if you’d like to see it, go HEEEERRRRREEEEEEEEE.