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“If there’s a world after death, it could be in someone’s heart.”

P   L   O   T

Kyoko (Tokiwa Takako), a young woman with an unhindered spirit despite being physically bound to a wheelchair due to illness, and Shuji (Kimura Takuya), a stylish and popular fashion magazine hairstylist, are brought together in a fateful traffic incident. Despite their confrontational meeting, they soon find themselves falling in love, with Shuji drawn to her courage and enthusiasm and Kyoko attracted to his ability to look beyond her physical limitations and into her heart. However, Kyoko’s protective older brother and her worsening condition begin to test the bounds of their love for each other and threaten to end their beautiful life together.

T   H   O   U   G   H   T   S

Beautiful Life, I can say, is one of the dramas that has an unusual story. The plot may be similar to some dramas (especially the boy falls inlove with a sick dying girl), but when I mentioned unusual, what I was referring to were the characters.

How often can we find a hairstylist as the male lead? And how many dramas started off with the lead girl on a wheelchair? Certainly it’s rare to encounter such a drama nowadays.

I was supposed to watch this last year, but then after scanning through the first episode, and seeing the lead girl (you can’t blame me, Takuya’s prettier than her on the first epi) with her perm, I was disheartened. Plus TK as a hairstylist and the girl is handicapped? Nah, not my cup of tea.

However, due to my interest to finish TK’s drama classics and because of being regarded as the highest rating drama in Japan (according to some sources), I tried my patience with Beautiful Life, and I am glad I was not disappointed.

Kyoko’s beautiful. After Shuji styled her hair she became a beauty and as for TK being a stylist, I encountered no problem ‘coz he definitely carried the role well (again with his amazingness). About the handicapped part? I think it’s what makes Beautiful life Beautiful Life.

I think Takuya and Takako looks good together. They ‘click’ together and their scenes were good. What touched my heart best was the fact that Shuji accepted Kyoko despite her physical disabilities and he loved her no matter what, he does not care what other people think (which is really commendable). Kyoko on the other hand was the one who always felt insecure, but thank goodness Shuji will always show his love for her.

Though some have claimed that they cried buckets watching this drama, I haven’t done so. HAHA. Wait my heart isn’t made of stone. What I mean is, I didn’t cry like I was expecting to (I thought I would cry a lot). The only time I did was on the last episode (surely I’d cry). The reason why I think Beautiful Life’s not the overly melodramatic kind, though it was quite obvious at the start that it would have a tragic ending, is because of the feeling it gives, the feeling that the characters give. Even if Kyoko’s ill, one would never notice that it’s severe (not until episode 10). There’s just a lot of things to focus to besides her condition.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if I didn’t like BL. Truth is, since the first episode it had this aura similar to what I felt when watching some of my favorite dramas, the kind that urges one to continue watching and expecting. However, I still felt that something was lacking, I still prefer Love Generation over Beautiful Life (I wish they used good song backgrounds).