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There isn’t a thing that can’t be done in this world – Lee Gun to Mi Young

Fated to Love YouNumber of episodes: 20
Year of Broadcast: 2014
Broadcast Network: MBC
Plot source: DramaWiki

A chaebol heir and a “post-it” girl are forced to marry after their one night stand results in an unexpected pregnancy.
Fated to Love You is the remake of the highly successful 2008 Taiwanese drama starring Joe Chen and Ethan Ruan.
T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

note: As of current writing, there are only 10 episodes aired of this drama. Will add more thoughts as the show progresses.

After the high that I received from watching Emergency Couple, I was disappointed to learn that the next project/character that Choi Jin Hyuk would take was the second lead guy to the Korean remake of Fated to Love You (FTLY). I have watched the Taiwanese version (although not entirely), and given Jin Hyuk’s manliness, I thought that he suited the lead guy role well. Adding to that observation was the fact that I was not overly familiar with Jang Hyuk – I have known of Bright Girl’s Success Story but I did not fancy watching it.

We can’t always win the game of life, but as long as you have that “chip”, you will always have hope and the chance, so keep it well.

Fast forward to the first episode. My opinion on whether I like the drama or not was still not formed. However, come episode two, especially that scene towards the end, I knew right then and there, that I have found the “one”.

Fated to Love You - 01.mkv_001842509

That one drama that can captivate me whatever it does. That one drama that will leave me wanting for more. That one drama that makes me feel that magic is real. Finding such a drama is truly hard but Fated to Love You made me believe in korean dramas again. FTLY brought back my fate in kdramas, I am so glad that it turned out better than I expected, heck it even exceeded my expectations 🙂

Gun and Mi Young

At the first few episodes, I was convincing myself that I found Daniel more likeable but as the series continued, Lee Gun’s character started growing on me and now, I do not even think of Daniel as a contender for Mi Young/MY heart (lol). My eyes are all for Gun. I was trying to pinpoint what the charm is about FTLY and I have come to the conclusion that it was almost all because of Gun/Jang Hyuk.

Jang Hyuk

Gun is so weird and awkard at times but these are the traits that makes me love him. I have noticed that all of my favorite scenes are tied up to him showing us his different sides. Jang Hyuk’s portrayal of Gun’s character for me is the culmination of all the korean drama characters that I loved. There’s a Joong Won (Master’s Sun), a Joo Won (Secret Garden) and DokGo Jin (Best Love) side to him. It’s as if all the dramas that I’ve enjoyed in the past were mashed up to produce the lovely drama that is FTLY, and that is thanks to Jang Hyuk’s brilliant performance.

From now on, you are no longer post-it. You are crazy glue. Once you are removed, the body and skin will be hurt even more.

Watching FTLY is one hell of a roller coaster ride. It left me at the edge of my seat. It made me laugh like a madman, made me believe in the power of love and made my heartache to see Mi Young suffer. However, at the end of the day, I really appreciate how Gun’s character makes up for all the mistakes that he has done. There’s no better feeling seeing the different sides of Lee Gun.

Snail Couple

I love the Snail Couple, I don’t know what words to use to illustrate my point but I adore them oh so much. If you could just imagine the things that this couple does to my heart.

Please be confident (Gun to Mi Young’s claim that her name is so common)! Being that common only proves how popular the name actually is.

If there is one sentence that summarizes my thoughts about this drama, it is this: I am in love with FTLY. That simple. The last time I felt something similar to this was when I watched Secret Garden.

I am currently suffering from a bruised heart because of the ending of episode 10 and really, can’t we have a single episode where Gun and Mi Young can be happy? Just when we thought that everything would go smooth-sailing (at least for a time), complications arise 😦 And what’s with the producers not showing the preview for the next episode? They used to show them earlier on. The suspense is killing me >.>

Lee Gun

p.s. I love Lee Gun. His character is what I am looking for in a lead guy. A guy who is unbending, has a will of his own and possesses a devil-may-care attitude. My only wish is for his hairstyle to improve, although I dig the man bun!

My rating: 5coffeess