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I like them both. And because of them, I’m temporarily leaving my Japanese fandom. I am, as of the moment, into Korean fandom. haha.

Now the question is who I like more between the two. Here’s an analysis.

Singing Prowess.

DBSK’s better. They’re voices are so powerful it makes you shiver. I love their ballads. (Love in the Ice, Begin, etc.)

Super Junior’s voices are okay, but honestly speaking DBSK is more okay. Hey don’t be offended ‘coz I love SuJu’s song as well. As a matter of fact, the first Korean song that I’ve memorized is Miracle. 🙂 It’s my all time favorite Korean song.

Stage presence.

I dunno who to choose ‘coz I haven’t watched much of their performances on stage. But in here I guess it’s still DBSk, ‘coz they’re five and SuJu’s 13.

People’s would most likely remember DBSK since they’re only five as opposed to SuJu who has a large number of members. I remember the thing that prevented me before from knowing them is because I don’t want to memorize all their names.

Acting – wise.

This goes to SuJu. You should see their shows, dramas, etc. It’s really good. DBSK can act, but I think SuJu’s better.


I think I’m more of a SuJu Fan. I can’t explain the feeling of watching them. They have this charm that lets you love them. I think the one thing that has made me choose them instead of DBSK is they’re ability to make me laugh. As in. I adore them in Full House, and now, Hee Chul’s my most favorite person. And as I’ve mentioned before (not here), for me dramas comes first before music. Everytime I see SuJu, I can’t help but smile.

I hope I haven’t offended anyone. I like DBSK and SuJu. If you’re asking me how far ahead SuJu’s lead is ahead of DBSK in my heart it would be .01%.

[E.N – 9/28/08]

OMG. As in. I’ve just finished the SBS Dream Concert (held last June), and what the?? DBSK’s sssoooooooo hot! I’m hyperventilating, omg. I think I’m inlove with YunHo too. WOW. White looks good on them, I can’t erase Jae Joong and Yunho’s image on my mind. Now their performance was so good. Call it stage presence *winks*