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It all started last week when I was so into DBSK and then eventually Super Junior.

First I’ve dl-ed almost all the mini dramas of DBSK. (I think I only lack 1 or 2 m.dramas). Out of all their dramas, I like Dangerous Love. (okay, I’ll make a separate post about it)

Then as I’ve liked SuJu, I’ve dl-ed their reality show Full House, and I’m almost done dl-ing all the episodes. Yey. And as soon as I’ve finished it, I’ll dl the rest of their shows.

I am an addict. I know. Good thing my connection’s cooperating, the speed’s unbelievable.

This post isn’t important. I just felt like blurting it out. And my HD’s going to burst from all the files of SuJu. hahahaha.

This is just the start.