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This show’s so addicting.


Full House Super Junior is a reality show (14 episodes) based on two female foreign students, Anya (Russian) and Eva (English-Japanese), who have to do a homestay for three months at Super Junior’s dorm.

Each episode deals with their interaction, and their experiences that’s full of fun and excitement. However, not all of SuJu appeared all throughout the show. Only Dong Hae, Hee Chul, Ki Bum, Kang In, Si Won and Han Geng were shown through all the episodes since they’re the ones residing in the dorm where Anya and Eva’s staying. Other SuJu who’s had frequent appearances are Eun Hyuk, Lee Teuk and Sung Min.


If after watching this you still don’t find Super Junior charming, then there is something WRONG with you. I think you need to see a psychiatrist, lol.

Can you believe that I’ve watched episodes 1- 6 thrice in a period of 3 days?? First it was just me, the next day I’ve watched it again with a friend (will refer to as 1st friend), and the day after, I’ve watched it with my roommate. And it never failed to entertain me and my friends (they have yet to watch the remaining episodes).

We (1st friend) were laughing so hard at every episodes, and I think we were really in an uproar since my roommate (2nd friend) keeps on throwing us looks, and then when I’ve watched it with my roomie, she has fully understand why we’re that crazy. ‘Coz the shows full of it. haha

S U P E R       J U N I O R

Lovely guys. I think they have a natural talent to make people laugh. Okay, since Full House focuses on the 6 persons I’ve mentioned above, plus the other 3, I’ll focus on them.


I’m not being bias but Hee Chul stands out best in this show. He’s responsible for giving life to the series. He always makes me laugh at every episode. And that’s bad ‘coz it only deepens my love for him. lol.

But I’m sure you’ll love him too in FH. Words can’t describe how brilliant he is at creating a good atmosphere. And how crazy he is, I think he’s the craziest member of SuJu. 😀


With the perfect face, mysterious personality and basically the best English speaker among SuJu, who’ll not like him? If you like him, I’m sure you’ll fall deeply if you’ve heard him speak English (mind you, there’s a lot of parts where he speaks English).


Before I don’t really like him, however after watching this show, I’ve learned to appreciate him more, ‘coz just like the show says, he’s the “PERFECT GENTLEMAN”. He’s sweet and handsome and cute and caring, and what more? Oh just watch the show. 🙂



Raccoon ~ nyahahahahahahaha. Another funny SuJu member who does not like losing. I’ve learned from this that Kang In hates to lose and he has a lot of pride. lol



mister acrobatic. he has the charm, the sweetness, and all the good traits that you can think of. As the show say’s he’s Darling Dong Hae.



WAW. I think he’s the most maltreated member of SuJu, everyone likes to pick up on him which makes me like him (he’s like one of my least favorite before). Han Geng’s so kind that eventually you’ll appreciate him more (which I did) and the guy can cook.


Next to Hee Chul, he’s the next most funny man in the show, though he isn’t a resident in the dorm, he always makes an appearance, and he does this crazy stuff. As i would put it, his face is enough to make one laugh. Cutie Eun Hyuk. “Nice Weather”



Though his appearances are limited, Teukie’s one of my favorite SuJu members. He reminds me of my crush. hahaha. How I wished his exposures were longer.


I like Eva more than Anya ‘coz Anya’s close to Hee Chul. LOL. They’re so lucky. My friend and I were wondering, what if the two of us were in therir place? Just thinking about it makes me all giddy and excited.

F A V O R I T E      M O M E N T S.

OHHH. I have a lot.

* I like the part where in they’ve played a prank on Han Geng and Eun Hyuk, that was the best.

* The part in the bus where Ki Bum and Han Geng were playing the game Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Stone + the scence  where Hee Chul bumps his head on the roof (can it be called a roof?), and the arm rest of the chair.

* The time where they went to English Village, I love that episode. The passport part, dong hae challenging the foreigner arm wrestling, and Hee Chul’s attempt to take a picture and number of the female foreigner.

* Hee Chul’s surprise birthday party. Love his expression.

* Super Junior learning English’s so funny. (You are so gorgeous, nice weather, obey me, just because, etc.)

* Every scene where Hee Chul is in. haha


There are a lot more, but I’ll leave it up to you to discover.

A     M U S T    W A T C H.

Why? You’ve got to see Super Junior in their non-star form. From there, you’ll wonder, if they’re indeed a superstar because they act like a normal person. Then when they show parts where in SuJu’s performing, you can see their instant transformation. Though one may argue that this is television we’re talking about (where anything can be part of a script), but I’m convinced that Super Junior have shown their true selves.
It’s as if through watching this, we’re another Eva and Anya who are interacting with them. It’s like we’re also a part of the show. And the part at the end where the members said their farewells to the two, I felt that in way Super Junior’s also saying goodbye to me (and vice versa).