Yesterday, my office mates and I watched a Filipino film – Bride for Rent (BfR).

I am not really a fan of Pinoy films (or I don’t watch that many Pinoy films) but I watched BfR because I was peer pressured (lol).

Thankfully, I enjoyed the film so much. Enjoyed it to the point that I am somewhat compelled to write a mini-review because I don’t want to forget my thoughts about it.

Bride for Rent is a story about a rich boy, Rocco (Xian Lim), who is looking forward to getting his trust fund once he becomes 25.

Before that fateful day, Rocco and his friends drunkenly gambled away ten million pesos, making the issue of getting Rocco’s trust fund urgent.

However, on the day of his birthday, Rocco learned that his grandmother added a condition to the will, he must present a marriage certificate to access his funds! And so begins Rocco’s search for a ‘fake wife’, where in Rocky (Kim Chiu), an aspiring actress-model comes in the picture.


The best thing about BfR for me is the sizzling chemistry between Xian Lim and Kim Chiu. I haven’t watched any film nor have I watched any television series of them (only a brief peek at some) but in BfR, their pairing is so magnetic that you just have to feel every emotion that the couple gives out.

I laughed out loud at funny scenes, I got kilig whenever Rocco became romantic and I could not help but be sad whenever Rocky was feeling down.

Another big factor that contributed to my liking of this film is Xian Lim. Almost all of us who have watched the film yesterday were having a Xian Fever! Damn, he is one gorgeous man! The way he stares is enough to melt me into a warm puddle of goo.

My favorite scene in the movie, is the part wherein Rocky was sleeping and Rocco, looking at her intently, couldn’t help but attempt to kiss her. That scene represented all of the major reasons why I love BfR – a) amazing chemistry and b) Xian’s gorgeousness/hotness. It all felt real, actually I never felt that Xian and Kim were acting, they just felt natural together.

The weird thing is, I know that this film isn’t perfect, there were some scenes that I can’t help but raise an eyebrow at but taken in its entirety, BfR just works. For me, the entire experience of watching it was magical.

p.s. I wish this movie could be written as a book, that way we get to have more details about the story and its characters. The one thing that I am disappointed about is the movie’s length. It should’ve been longer! Seriously. Some of the issues were just briefly discussed (as if in passing) and I would’ve wanted to see more of Rocky and Rocco’s development as a “married couple.”