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From being doubtful to insanely searching for Heirs related videos/teasers, how I have fallen.

The Heirs - Chan YoungFact: I’m not a Lee Min Ho fan. MH fan = crazily obsessed with him. I’ve watched a few dramas of his and I can confidently say that I am not enamored with him. I do like Park Shin Hye though.

So, the only reason I knew about The Heirs (TH) is because its trailer was constantly shown at the end of The Master’s Sun and forgive me in saying but I honestly thought that the story was a bit boring (in the sense that nothing exciting would happen).

The HeirsMy verdict after watching the first two episodes? I love it and I can’t wait for Wednesday and Thursday to come.

I find TH interesting. With its story set in a universe for the elites (except for our female protagonist) and a plot reminiscent of Boys Over Flowers, it’s no wonder it captured my attention. I’m a fan of the Cinderella (or as others would say, Candy) stereotype and seeing how Shin Hye’s character is thrown into a world filled with the ultra rich is enough to send my imagination into overdrive.

However, what sent my heart and mind racing or rather what made me like TH more than I thought possible is Kim Woo Bin’s character.

The Heirs - Woo BinAHHH. Can I call it love at first sight? Seeing the stills before TH aired, I thought him unappealing but the first time that I saw him in episode one, my fangirl heart did these cartwheels. I think this is the first time where I instantly wanted the second lead to capture the main female lead’s heart.

The Heirs - Shin HyeAnd I know I’m getting ahead of myself here but I know that Shin Hye and Woo Bin’s character would have this amazing chemistry (the part where Woo Bin’s character is initially crushing on Bo Na keeps the intensity of my ship alive). I can’t wait for them to meet! Can’t the story line pick up and send them back to Korea already (and I hope they could also lessen the story involving the adults, I find it boring)?!

It is quite surprising how I have instantly declared TH as my new crack. I was a bit worried that after TMS ended, it will take me sometime to find a drama that I could get addicted to, I do hope that TH could continue to keep me interested.

p.s. I also like Chan Young x Eun Sang