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Cain and AbelNumber of episodes: 20
Year of Broadcast: 2009
Broadcast Network: SBS

Based on the biblical story of Adam and Eve’s first two sons, Cain and Abel is about Cain’s jealousy towards his brother Abel. Lee Cho In is a very gifted doctor who has everything that he wants whereas his older brother, Seon Woo, is jealous of all the attention that Cho In receives. Seon Woo blames his brother for taking everything good in his life away from him. Seon Woo blames Cho In for getting their father’s love, getting more recognition as a doctor, and for stealing the woman he loves.(source: DramaWiki).

T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

Following my The Master’s Sun (TMSaddiction and knowing that any series that I watch while TMS is not yet done will not interest me (I am that addicted to TMS), I decided to watch Cain and Abel.

So Ji Sub brought me this addiction so it only fits for him to solve that problem. I am now accepting the fact that I could watch So Ji Sub in any drama and not be bored whenever his eyes flashes on the screen.

So how was SJS? Errr, I mean Cain and Abel? You want the truth? I was only able to watch until the first twenty minutes of episode 8.

Cain and Abel

The drama started out great in my opinion. I was intrigued on how the story will progress but after the first episode, everything went downhill for me. I just could not connect with the story and the characters. I find the story too gloomy and for me who is reconnecting with my love for dramas, anything too sad and dark is a big no-no. If only they incorporated lots of medical scenarios (Seon Woo’s by the books method vs. Cho In’s natural skill/ability), my attention would’ve increased.

Cain and Abel (1)

I just could not imagine myself watching the last 12 episodes. I could not subject myself to such emotional torture. Wanna know what I did? I fast-forwarded the remaining episodes and ff-ing did not affect my understanding of the series. It even saved me 12 (or rather 11) precious hours.

Cain and Abel (5)

Though I must say that SJS’s character isn’t that hard to love (I love him clean and rugged or any other form). For me, it was the rest of the characters who made it difficult for me to appreciate the show.

Cain and Abel (2)

I came into this show with the mentality that Cho In and Young Ji would end up together (even with Seo Yeon?? in the picture) but somehow I just could not bear with how hard Young Ji’s journey to win Cho In’s heart will be. Admit it, Cho In really loved Seo Yeon and I hate to say it but Seo Yeon is a character whom you could never hate.

p.s. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Young Ji and Park Ha (from the Rooftop Prince) is one and the same! She matured perfectly 🙂

My rating: 3coffee