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Why be afraid of the heart of someone you can’t see? The ones in plain sight are more scary.

Master's SunNumber of episodes: 17
Year of Broadcast: 2013
Broadcast Network: SBS

A woman is able to see ghosts and a man begins to trust her that she does see ghosts.

Joo Joong-Won (So Ji-Sub) is a corporate executive filled with greed. He relates everything, even personal relationships. to money. Tae Kong-Sil (Kong Hyo-Jin) is a secretary who is easily moved to tears. Her personality is dark. An incident then opens the pathway to where Tae Kong-Sil sees ghosts. Since that moment, she is unable to sleep at night.

(plot and photo source: Asian Wiki).

T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

The Master’s Sun (TMS): 9.8

If he hasn’t opened his wallet, that must mean he hasn’t opened his heart.

(Note: This ‘review’ will only cover up to the present episode – episode 13, but you’ll be able to see additional thoughts in this post as this series draws to a close)

I have made a stunning discovery. So Ji Sub (SJS) is one of the rare actors who I could stare at all day and never get tired of looking at.

Jo Jung ThreeIt bothered me to the point that I tried to re-read my reviews of the other two dramas of his (Memories in Bali and MISA) and it appears that I did not fancy him in the first but I took a particular notice of him in the latter but why is it that I can’t even remember liking him before TMS?

On the other hand, I am sure that I do love Gong Hyo Jin (GHJ) ever since I saw her in Best Love and she is one of my favorite actresses.

There are two things that I hate the most.
One is anyone touching my money.
Two is anyone touching my body.
I cut the head off a flower that tried to touch my money.
So what do you think I’ll do with the hand that touches my body?

So imagine putting my favorite actress and an actor that I could never find fault with together in a show? It is enough to put a stop in my Korean drama (and asian drama) dry spell.

Master's Sun - couple (4)

However, liking TMS goes way beyond my love for SJS and GHJ. Sure, these two are one of the major reasons why I love this show but aside from that, I love everything about it (except for Hanna and Jung Won’s aunt). The Hong Sisters have honestly made an explosion with this one.

After watching the first 13 episodes, I can proudly say that I wasn’t bored once and that is a great feat considering how the boredom factor made me leave the dramaland for months.

If you’re the sun, then I never want to see morning again.

Truth is, I am a scaredy pants. I am never one to watch a horror movie on my own and even with the company of friends, I seldom watch one. Nevertheless, I have realized that there are exceptions to the rule.

I can endure horror story as long as they don’t end with the evil entities prevailing against the good. One of my favorite animes, Ghost Hunt (GH) can attest to that. GH is one scary anime but I loved it.

Master's Sun - gh (1) Master's Sun - gh

That being said, TMS is like the drama version of GH for me. I so so love it. It is a bit similar to GH for me because we get to see Gong Sil “dealing” with different ghosts in every episode and although some of the scenes with the ghosts were not really that scary, I still found myself scared sh*tless at majority of the scenes – you do tend to feel that way if you are watching it alone in the middle of a rainy night.

So far, I have dealt with the horror part. The thing when a story has that element is you can bet that you’ll never get bored because you’ll never know who or what would pop up in your screen.

Having a heart that won’t accept another heart really is a curse.

Then, try to incorporate comedy and romance with the previous element –

Master's Sun - c (1) Master's Sun - c

and mirika is a happy girl. For me TMS is like a mixture of fairy tales (Cinderella, Snow White and The Little Mermaid) with dark and gothic undertones. The Cinderella reference is not lost on me and though cliched, it certainly worked in this drama. After watching the first ten minutes of episode one, I knew right away that I would love this one.

Master's Sun - couple

I find Jung Won and Gong Sil interesting and don’t even get me started on how amazing their chemistry is. Seeing them together in a scene is enough to make my heart swell. What I absolutely like about TMS is how everything is perfectly balance or rather how it tried to lessen the drama (I do hope for the hong sisters to not drag down the amnesia arc). Whenever it is apparent that something serious is about to occur, it surprises us with something that would put our heart at ease – and that I would like to attribute to Jung Won.

Master's Sun - e (1)Master's Sun - e

Ah, Jung Won ah~ I have only seen SJS in melo-dramatic roles but he can surely pull off a comedic role and so far he has been super effective in portraying Jung Won. Again, he is one of those heroes who you will never fear of having disappointment with. I see him as someone who will never bow down to anyone and to any circumstances, and I never doubt that his love for Gong Sil will waver, even with HanNa’s sudden appearance. In other words, he.just.rocks.

Master's Sun - couple (3)

In reading books, I sometimes encounter some that will make you feel all kinds of emotion, and with TMS you can experience that. First it will scare you, then it will make you laugh, next you’ll find yourself feeling giddy and inlove and bam tears will just start rolling. It is that great. In the first few episodes, I found myself tearing up near the end because I was deeply moved by the ghosts’ stories. TMS has everything that I am looking for in a drama, period (a great OST included).

Master's Sun - couple (5)

I would just reiterate that I love this couple okay? Can’t they just be together in real life? Everytime Jung Won is conflicted with his feelings for Gong Sil, my heart is doing these crazy cart wheels. Can you imagine how much more whenever he gives in to his emotions?

Master' Sun - couple (4)

Last but not the least, what makes this drama so so good are the secondary characters. Almost all of them are likeable and I am very partial to Secretary Kim and the two little children. Yeah, Kang Woo too :3


That ends my rant about The Master’s Sun. I’ll try to add more as each episode airs 🙂

My final say is that it has been so long since a drama excited me this much. I am having a TMS withdrawal as of current writing, I don’t think I can start on another drama without finishing this first.



[Thoughts after the series ended]

So Ji Sub please do one million more rom-com dramas!

I know that I love GHJ but if I were to be honest with myself, it was SJS’s Jo Jung Won who won me over. I can never get angry with him and even just thinking of his name brings a smile to my face.

Did you see the last kissing scenes on episode 17? Did you notice how SJS and GHJ were all smiles? My heart died happily witnessing that. It felt like it wasn’t Joong Won and Tae Yang who are there, it felt like it was Ji Sub and Hyo Jin doing it for real. I adore this couple to infinity. I wish they could date for real.

Episode 16 was unnecessary but come the beginning of episode 17, it brought back the feeling of the first few episodes that I loved. I wish we could witness more cuteness between our main couple. tbc…

My rating (subjective):  5coffeess