Hunger is the world’s best seasoning, y’know.

hungryYear of Broadcast: 2012

Episodes: 11


Mukai is taking on the role of Eisuke, a former bassist of a rock band who gave up his music dreams to carry on the tradition of his family’s French restaurant. The show will involve a love triangle as Kuninaka and Takimoto play rivals for Eisuke’s heart.

Kuninaka has been cast as Eisuke’s older girlfriend Maria, who works at a bank. She is shocked to learn that Mukai has abandoned his music to devote himself to the restaurant, leading her to uncertainty about their relationship. Takimoto’s character is a 20-year-old college student named Chie who comes from a farming family. Although she initially had a bad impression of Eisuke, she begins to develop feelings for him after tasting his cooking.

SMAP’s Inagaki will play Tokio, the owner of a competing French restaurant. In the past, he was fond of the restaurant that Eisuke’s mother ran, but after she passed away, he deceived Eisuke’s father and bought out the restaurant’s chefs and staff. Knowing of Eisuke’s ability as a chef, Tokio views him as a rival.

Hungry! (52)

Eisuke’s friends, who were part of his band ROCKHEAD, are being played by Tsukamoto as Kento (guitarist), Kawabata as Tsuyoshi (drummer) and Miura as Taku (vocalist). The three of them will help Eisuke with his restaurant (source: DramaWiki.com).

T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

Hungry!: 9.5

My first Japanese drama review for this year 🙂

Hungry! (53)

Hungry! is a drama about a rock star turned chef named Eisuke. After struggling through his music career, he decided to pursue his first love, cooking and also to keep his promise to his mom that if ever he reached 30 and he wasn’t successful with his rock career, he’ll go back to cooking.

Can you believe this? Not so long ago, we were rebelling against the society and singing but now we’re in a position to teach kids something.

Sorry for just repeating the plot above. Actually what made this drama first on my to-watch jdrama list is the fusion of rock+cooking (okay, Mukai was also a factor). In case you don’t know, I’m a fan of rock stars and even though the rock aspect was not really the central theme, the cooking process and the food surely compensated for the lack of it.

Of all the human desires, the most fierce desire is appetite.

I’ll give you a fair warning, never watch this series if you’re hungry. Be sure to have a full stomach before watching this so as not to salivate with the food!

Hungry! (39)

Hungry! for me was a good series. Though there were some conflicts, it did not break the drama’s light mood. What made it interesting for me is seeing the struggle of Eisuke and his friends and how they overcome it. It was never easy and by the show’s end there was still a lot that everyone needed to improve on. I think it was one of the drama’s good points, the characters’ desire to become great chefs and their desire to make their restaurant the best. If you think about it, with Eisuke’s talent, you would think by the drama’s end he would’ve been a great chef already but he did not and I appreciated that. I also like it everytime people realize how great a cook Eisuke is.

Hungry! (55)

Another thing I like about this series is the comparison made between Rock Head’s life as musicians and their life as workers in the restaurant. How the writers connected music with cooking and how the members carried their musical persona into their life in the restaurant (how do you call people who work in a restaurant?).

Hungry! (30)

Speaking of the band, I was able to prove something through this series. I’m not really into Mukai Osamu. I like him in Atashinchi but after seeing more of his work (Beck, Mei-chan), I discovered that he was just okay for me (I don’t hate him but I don’t like him much either), there were no doki-doki moments where he is concerned. Instead, I was rooting for a different person in this series: Taku-chan.


Ahhhh Taku-chan, I love you dearly. I will honestly admit that he was the biggest reason why I stayed glued to my seat (and he will occupy a big space for this review). It was kind of funny because during the first episode when the band’s history was told, I didn’t pay much attention to him because he was just the “member” who wasn’t loyal. After seeing him for the second time, nothing changed and I even thought that he will be causing a problem in the latter episodes. Even when he was showing his charms as a server for the restaurant, I was still unconvinced.

Hungry! (16)

When did my opinion of Taku change? It all changed when he interacted with Chie-chan. I instantly saw a connection between the two and I was fervently wishing that they become a couple! I was thinking that if the writers don’t at least make Taku fall for Chie, I would stop watching Hungry! (that 9.5 rating would drop if it weren’t for him xD). Thankfully, I got the least of my wish. And I am definitely a Taku-Chie shipper. Hard core rocker x hard core farm girl! 😛

Hungry! (13)

Based on the plot provided above, one would think that Hungry! would have lots of romance but it did not. Oh well, there is Chie’s one-sided love for Eisuke and Eisuke and Maria’s on-off relationship but that is really all. As much as I want to see Taku and Chie hitting it off in the end, I was pretty contented that the writers did not provide a conclusion regarding the love lines in this drama. Why? because we all know that if this drama was given all the room for creating that line, Chie would end up with Eisuke and I will be devastated for Taku when that happens.

Hungry! (40)

Just like the love aspect, Hungry!’s ending is not given a definite conclusion, we are given the chance to imagine what the future has in store for our characters. Honestly, I think Hungry! is more suited to become a manga (it already is right?). More plot developments could be made because an 11-episode drama for a story involving a rock star turned musician is surely not enough. We need at least a 30 episode drama or something for that but if you’ll ask me, I would prefer seeing the story continue in the manga (as well as providing more story about the 11 episodes covered in the drama).


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