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If the cause was me surviving, then me losing everything was the effect. – Kim Boong-do

Queen In Hyun's ManYear of Broadcast: 2012

Episodes: 16


Year 1694, Joseon Dynasty: Kim Boong-do (Ji Hyun-woo) is a noble-born scholar and his family’s sole survivor after they were massacred in a conspiracy. Boong-do supports the reinstatement of Queen In-hyun, who was deposed due to scheming by royal concubine Lady Jang.

Year 2012, modern-day Seoul: Choi Hee-jin (Yoo In-na), an unsuccessful actress, lands her big break when she is cast as Queen In-hyun in the television drama “New Jang Heebin”. Due to a mysterious talisman, Boong-do time-travels to 2012, where he crosses paths with Hee-jin and falls in love (source: Wikipedia).

T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

Queen In Hyun’s Man: 9.4

Going through this drama, I didn’t really expect much. The casts, except for Yoo In Na, were unfamiliar to me. Also, this drama being aired on a cable network gives us an inkling of the costs and budget for this production (if we are to compare it to those dramas produced by the big three stations), not that I am insinuating that there is something wrong with cable-produced shows (quite the contrary, we witnessed how these cable channels produced excellent shows last year).

Queen In Hyun's Man (14)

What I was holding on to before watching QIHM were the reviews. It had so much positive reviews that I thought, why not? Actually, I was a bit reluctant at first because I just couldn’t imagine Yoo In Na as a lead and I did not find Ji Hyun Woo attractive. I tried to recommend this drama to some people and I got the same reaction, the leads don’t look good enough.

I feel that after listening to you, everything in this world seems to just exist for kissing. What kind of a lustful world is this? – KBD

After 16 episodes, I can say that I like QIHM. It may not be a perfect drama but I enjoyed the ride it gave me and (not) surprisingly, In Na and Hyun Woo grew on me 🙂

Queen In Hyun's Man (33)

The biggest surprise for me is Boong-do (Hyun Woo). His calm, skills and intelligence won me over. I immediately became a Boong-do fan girl because of this series. How can he be that calm and collected even after being transported 300 years to the future? And how can he adapt that easily?

If I have a final wish, it is to remember you. – KBD

A man like that should be robbed of his talisman and forced to stay with me. JK.

In Na as Hee Jin was okay for me. I could not say more because my attention was practically glued to Boong-do but thank goodness they had great chemistry 😉 On the other hand, I like Dong Min (except when he was being an arse to Hee Jin), he was nice to look at and I thought his face was perfect to play any role in a sageuk (honestly, I was recalling the faces of guys who had starred in sageuk dramas), I even thought he (the actor) was famous or something.

Queen In Hyun's Man (22)

About the story or the love story between Hee Jin and Boong-do, I enjoyed it much, especially during the earlier part, if they could have make it last longer, the better.

But even if there is only one person who remembers me, that life would be different, wouldn’t it?

My only complaint is that there should be more scenes between Hee Jin and Boong-do! Seriously. Even with all 16 episodes, I felt that their time together was short (because of Boong-do’s frequent time travels), it wouldn’t hurt to see more of their interactions and more of Boong-do’s adventures in the future/present. Yeah, Boong-do in 2012 is definitely the highlight of this show for me.

Queen In Hyun's Man (30)

Still, I think the writers made up for it by including hot kissing scenes! Jinjja, the man can kiss! *forever envious of In Na*

Queen In Hyun's Man (4)

About the plot, I will not say more because frankly even the word time travelling is enough to cause me a headache, let’s just simply say that even though a bit far-fetched, I like how they handled it. Though a more detailed explanation for Boong-do’s last time travel will be better.

Queen In Hyun's Man (15) Queen In Hyun's Man (17)

I’ll be honest by saying that the last episode made me cry, I was ready to accept their fate because even if it did end tragically, at least we know in our hearts that these two’s love story will be remembered in history.

Knowing my destiny, can I still live happily?

However, I am equally okay with how things ended, who doesn’t want a HEA right?


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