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…because young men will never mature, they just grow older.

P   L   O   T

A drama about the careers and love lives of urban professionals. It will tell the story of four men in their forties as they go through love, breakup, success and failure.


Kim Do Jin, an architect with a scathing tongue have romantic relationship with strict high school teacher Seo Yi Soo, who moonlights as an umpire at amateur baseball games. Im Tae San is dating a cold-hearted woman but wonders if there is someone else out there for him. Choi Yoon tries to heal his heart after losing his wife four years ago. Lee Jung Rok marries an older woman for money but may lose his comfortable lifestyle in a divorce (source: DramaWiki).

T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

After seven long months I was able to finally watch a korean drama. I have been on an asian drama slump for so long that I feel clueless on how to do this review 😛

Even though I was not watching anything for almost a year, I was abreast on the latest news about Korean dramas and as to be expected, A Gentleman’s Dignity (AGD) is one of the talked-about dramas for 2012. Why wouldn’t it be? It was Jang Dong Gun’s (JGD) comeback drama after All About Eve ended in 2000.

Jang Dong Gun - Kim Do Jin

If I were to be honest, if not for JDG, I would not give AGD the time of the day. Forgive me for saying that a drama about 40-something ahjussi’s doesn’t appeal to me. And pushing my honesty to its limit, after looking at the other three guys (before watching), I was not even sure why AGD received that much love from the audience.

However, after 20 episodes, I am more than willing to be scolded for such thoughts.  Through that time frame, I grew to love every single one of them. I never imagined that everyone would become dear to me.


These F40 guys are so cool. They are not really the perfect gentlemen that we would’ve expected but their flaws and imperfections will won anyone over.

Let me start with Kim Do Jin

A few weeks back, my cousin and I was curious about what made AGD popular. Even my brother regularly watches it on local TV. I chanced upon a site describing Do Jin’s character. From what I remember, he was described as a handsome, successful and arrogant playboy. That made me want to watch AGD asap. However, as I got to know more about Do Jin, I discovered how different he really was from that initial description. Surely, he fit all that but beneath that is a 41 year old man who sucks at sports, easily chickens out, and has his own share of failures. Do Jin at 41 is not our knight in shining armor. Despite all his flaws, I still love him.

Kim Do Jin

I have never watched that many JDG dramas/movies but it was really fun watching him do comedy. We are all used to see JDG as this cool and mysterious guy but seeing him become a dork (even if it is awkward at times) is endearing. More than that, he clearly had my heart everytime he did those romantic things to Yi Soo. JDG, with his looks alone can make anyone swoon, it’s part of who he is and I think he did well in this drama.

Im Tae San

Im Tae San. Halfway in this series, I understood how Yi Soo grew to like Tae San. For me, he was the perfect gentleman. He was attentive and loyal as a lover not to mention protective as a brother. Out of the four of them, if I were to choose who I would want to have as a boyfriend (based on attitude), it will be Tae San.

Choi Yun

Choi Yun. Ahhh. Now Choi Yun is a surprise. If I were to rank who I loved best among the four, it will be a tie between Do Jin and Choi Yun. I know I said that I would choose Tae San as a boyfriend but I still like Choi Yun better. It will be hard explaining my reason without linking his name to Me Ah Ri but suffice it to say that I look forward to seeing him the most in every episode 🙂 And if Tae San is the most boyfriend material among the four, Choi Yun is the most husband material 🙂 There’s something about responsible and smart guys that draws me in 🙂

Jung Rok

Jung Rok. Honestly, I did not care much about him during the first half. For me, he was the odd man out, the filler, the comedic relief, much like Qing He’s character from Meteor Garden. However, as he began to care more about his wife, I began to like him better. Honestly, I am a fan of his and Min Suk’s love story 😉

Now that I mentioned the love angle, each of the four’s love story is enough to leave the audience wanting for more.

There’s our main couple, Yi Soo and Do Jin.

I trust my woman, but I don’t trust the guys surrounding my woman

AGD - main

This couple gave me butterflies during the first half. To the point that I was holding a pillow against my mouth and eyes because my heart could not take the swoon-worthy moments anymore. I especially loved it when Do Jin was the one doing the pursuing and when he was embarking on his one-sided love. There is no replacing the feeling of seeing a playboy falling in love.


Though, I kinda wish that the misunderstanding in the latter half did not happen (or that it was handled in another manner). It destroyed the mood for me.

yumae (2)yumae (3)

Yun and Me Ah Ri. They are my favorite couple. These two are too adorable! They did not have that much romantic scenes but the scenes where they were together are enough to make me happy. When Yun becomes jealous, I feel like I’ve gone straight to heaven.

That is why I am willing to give all my assets to Yun, except you – Tae San to Me Ah Ri

They are so perfect for one another. Me Ah Ri is the right woman for Yun, there is no doubt. What I was hoping was for their story to be given more focus (how they suddenly ended up together was a bit rushed for me).

agd - 2agd - 3

For the last two couple, as I’ve said I am a fan of Rok and Min Suk’s relationship. I can’t help but be awed during the part where Min Suk repeatedly accused Rok of womanizing when he was being faithful to her. As for Tae San and Se Ra, there isn’t much to tell for me although I would admit that everytime these two reconcile, I can’t help but shed some tears, for real (I never shed tears for Do Jin and Yi Soo). Tae San loves deeply and it’s a pity that SeRa failed to recognize that at the start.

agd - full

I definitely enjoyed watching AGD. I can’t count how many times scenes from this drama made me laugh. Though I would admit that the first half was so much better than the latter half. During the first ten episodes, I never noticed that an hour has passed and I would only be reminded when the ending credits are shown. Time flied by so fast to be exact. AGD is just the right drama to awaken my sleeping passion for asian dramas.

Another thing, I absolutely adore the mini-episodes before the start of each episode! In fact, I think I have learned more from them than the episodes themselves! LOL.

BUT if you ask me what I loved most about AGD, it will be Do Jin, Tae San, Choi Yun and Jung Rok’s friendship. Of how the story depicted these four’s journey and ultimately how it showed these men in their 40s. AGD will not be AGD if it only focused on one of these men. All of them made this drama great. Take one member out and it would be half as fun. And I love their bromance,

Yun keeps on cooking, either it’s sexual frustration or he’s interested in me – Do Jin

I especially love Do Jin and Yun together (thankfully they are sharing the same place! haha)! I can’t brush the image of Yun in an apron from my head!

You know my final thought after finishing this drama? It is not about finding my OTL, it is more about finding friends as loyal as F40. I want to experience a friendship than can withstand the test of time, to have someone to guard and ‘stab’ my back. I would definitely want to be still rockin’ even if I am 40 🙂


4 Guitars

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