Finally after four long years I am done with They Kiss Again (It Started with a Kiss 2)

I DL-ed the episodes after they were subbed, but somehow I stopped at episode 12 and never did find the time to finish it.

And bam, finished I am. I kinda blame myself for only having the time to finish it now but hey at least I am done.

I won’t get tired of saying how It Started with a Kiss is my favorite drama of all time. As most of us know, TKA is its sequel. ISWAK showed us Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin’s story up until their marriage and well, TKA tackled their married life (as well as their life in the medical world.)

I tell you, I will never get tired of XQ and ZS’s story. Not in a million lifetime. They are the best couple in the dramaverse.

What made them ‘them’ in the first part continues in the second part. That meant having ‘cold’ Zhi Shu. Still, him being cold was overshadowed during the times when he showed real concern to Xiang Qin.

and well XQ, being herself is a pleasure to watch (see I heard a lot of people hating her for being so dumb but I just love her nonetheless).

What I love about TKA is how this couple grow. How they tried to manage the hardships that come their way. Truth is, for someone with an obsession with Zhi Shu, Xiang Qin sure does not know everything about Zhi Shu. On the contrary, Zhi Shu knows a lot about Xiang Qin but him suppressing his emotions and not being showy gets in the way. Nonetheless, that is what I love about them. When you think about it, it is frustrating.


Their misunderstandings, mostly Zhi Shu’s fault but at the end of the day, Zhi Shu will realize his mistake and things will be alright again 🙂

Xiang Qin, you are the luckiest girl ever. I’ll have to confess that my ultimate dream guy ever is Zhi Shu. I love everything about him. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.


This one is not really a review but more of a rant.

Some of the parts I loved in the series:

1. Nursing school arc (Qi Tai spicing things up)

2. Medical life (in the hospital)

3. Everytime people learn that XQ is ZS’s wife :3

4. Zhi Shu showing signs of life (i.e. emotion).

5. Seeing Zhi Shu concerned for XQ

6. Zhi Shu’s stay in Matsu (I never imagined liking his hair but I ended up loving it :3, I love the changes in ZS hairstyles)

7. Episode 20 – ohhh, the heartache but seeing ZS that way shows us that he is far from perfect right?

Episode 20 was a big episode for me, as well as Zhi Shu. For the entirety of the ISWAK franchise, we were witness to XQ showing her devotion to ZS. However, after XQ’s diagnosis, I think things will now change. It is now up to ZS to take care of his wife and future children (ZS’s a genius but will it be enough to discover a cure for his wife?). Though it is such a pity that the mangaka died up to this part. I’m sure she had many ideas up in her sleeves 😐

I was so emotional come episode 20. If there is one thing I would want to see, it is seeing their baby. I heard about rumors concerning ISWAK 3, but I don’t think that they will push through with it. Why? Well, the manga never did end, I watched the anime and it ended with a scene showing Naoki (ZS), Kotoko (XQ) and their baby (it is said that this is the intended ending for the manga).

Though, I would love to see XQ and ZS again. I will never get tired of them. And for me, Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin have this amazing chemistry. Did you notice how most of the times, they seemed to not be acting? Like what they do is natural?

Found this fan vid on YT and just felt like sharing it:

Pretty much sums up ISWAK and I admit I teared up a little plus my heart felt like it was being squeezed. It brings back so many memories 🙂 ZS and XQ have come a long way 🙂