First post from the Random (from lack of a creative title lol!) series. Figured out that I would want to update this blog once a week so I decided to post something every week.

First post is about my current favorite Jerry Yan song, Gravity, from his first solo album, Jerry for You.

Check it out yo!

Jerry’s not my favorite F4/JVKV member but still I think I love his voice the most! Even if he’s not the greatest singer among them but his songs will convey a lot of emotions! and Jerry’s just too cute in this MV (I only discovered the MV today)! The way he shyly smiles :3

Forgive me in saying but Jerry’s the best in JKVK in terms of acting (okay, this is coming from a girl who has only watched  him act in Meteor Garden! :P). His mysterious aura pretty much made it for me.

AND I’m still disappointed that he was not Ren in Skip Beat’s TW adaptation. He is the perfect Ren for me, don’t you agree?