To think that I was so fixed with the idea of not watching Rooftop Prince (RTP).

P   L   O   T

A prince from the Joseon era, Lee Gak, is transported 300 years forward into the future (Seoul 2012) with his entourage, which includes Song Man Bo, Do Chi San and Woo Young Sul, when he tries to investigate the suspicious circumstances which surround the death of his crown princess.

They landed in the Rooftop Apartment belonging to Park Ha, and with her help, they try to adjust to the modern way of living and at the same time to find clues about the reason why they are brought to the future. Much to his surprise, he finds a girl who looks exactly like his beloved crown princess in the present, as well as a man who closely resembles him (source: dramawiki + myself).

T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

Where do I begin? lalalala~

Watching RTP was not initially on my plan. I was watching The King 2 Hearts that time and somehow, reading about RTP’s plot didn’t lure me in. In addition, I ‘was’ not much a fan of Yoochun (the actor, I like him as a singer), I tried to watch SKKS before but a few episodes before the end, I discovered that I’m not that fond of his acting.

Anyway, the reason why I decided to watch RTP was because of Lee Minho, I started to like him from The Moon That Embraces The Sun and I thought ‘why not try RTP? since a lot of people are talking about it.

AND, yet again, I am thankful that I made the right decision.


TBH, I can’t quite organize my thoughts: on how to go on with this review, what to say first, etc., but one thing’s for sure: I am more than happy to witness the adventures of Lee Gak and his gang!

How about my doubts over Yoo Chun?

When I saw him and his headphones in episode 1, I knew that I am in big trouble. You know the feeling when you see someone and you know that he will surely have an impact on your life (lol, okay that was a bit heavy)? That was what I felt when I saw Tae Yong. To put it simply, it was love at first sight for me (fact: Micky was my first DBSK crush before)! And he was not even speaking yet! Then and there I was made aware of how much Yoochun has improved (me being biased!) and I knew deep down that I will surely enjoy this series.


A large part of my affection for this drama is due to the ‘joseon four’. It was such a breather seeing how they adapt to the present. Although I think it’s a pity that towards the latter half, we saw less of them (the writers should’ve lessen the company plot and instead put more of these four in the scenes, don’t you agree? hehe).


Let’s talk about the sisters! LOL. I love them both (as actresses). You may think that I have gone crazy, why would I like Se Na? Actually, I just finished watching Dong Yi and she (Se Na, dunno her name) was on the good side there! and did you happen to see RTP’s BTS? I think she is a fun person to be with. Anyway, about Pak Ha, I have no complaints whatsoever about her, I think she did a brilliant job with her role 🙂

You may be wondering, why not mention more about Pak Ha? I was saving my comment for this segment: Pak Ha and Yi/Lee Gak. These two. How can I properly explain how I adore these two together? It was so much fun watching their love for each other grow 🙂 Especially in Lee Gak’s case. Since the start, he thought that who he loved most was the Crown Princess but after spending time with Pak Ha, his heart became confused and he ultimately discovered Pak Ha’s importance.

My heart fluttered during the times when Lee Gak unconsciously showed his ‘love’ for Pak Ha. Though I wish, they introduced a character who will challenge Lee Gak to Pak Ha’s heart.

The next question is, who do I (you) favor most, Lee Gak or Tae Yong?


I was pro-Tae Yong at the start (as made obvious by what I stated above). I loved his ‘I don’t care about money, position, etc’ attitude and how carefree he looked. And have you noticed the spark when Tae Yong first saw Pak Ha? It was love at first sight! Unlike Yi Gak who only have his heart for his Crown Princess (I can’t blame him, hahaha, she was his CP at the first place). Still, it will always be Lee Gak, no matter how many years may go by, Yi Gak and Pak Ha deserved to be together.

Episodes 19 and 20 brought tears to my eyes (more than tears, I bawled. will deal with it shortly). And even if I love Tae Yong dearly, his character was not given much development, he was only present at the opening and ending episode. He will forever be known as the guy in the vegetative state (that was harsh).

The big revelation. The reason why they were transported to the future. It was not much of a surprise. HAlfway through the series I pretty much knew what will happen in the end (I read a romance novel similar to this one). Still, my heart was still deeply affected when the truth was exposed. I remember tweeting about historicals never ending in a happily ever after, well, yeah, I’m glad the writers stuck with that. It will be unrealistic if we get the ending we want (them ending up together) and with RTP’s finale, I am more than satisfied.

Though it pains me knowing that two people separated by time will never meet each other again. That’s life and fate. At least in Tae Yong we see remnants of Lee Gak right?

In conclusion, Rooftop Prince provided me with tremendous joy and heartache. For those of you who still haven’t seen this, might as well do now 🙂