or could I call it the moon that embraces the sunS (please allow me, even this once)

p.s. I got the pictures from google so credit to those who own them (I was almost tempted to DL this series for the sake of having my own pick at what pictures to use :|)

P   L   O   T

The story of the secret love between Lee Hwon, a fictional king of Joseon, and Wol, a female shaman. Wol was born as Heo Yeon Woo, the daughter of a noble family who won the love of the crown prince, Hwon. Her enemies, jealous of her family’s position in court, schemed against her and wrestled away her rightful place as crown princess and nearly takes her life. Years later, an embittered Hwon meets Wol, now a female shaman who has no recollection of her past (source: dramawiki).

T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

I can not even begin how to explain whatI am feeling about this drama. But let me begin by saying, for those who have not watched this yet (and are currently reading this post) there will be a lot of spoilers coming. Also, my thoughts are in disarray so this review will be pretty much confusing xDDD

As much as possible, I try to veer away from sageuk (historical) dramas. They are really enjoyable and informative, however, seldom it is that they end up happily (they may end up fine but after only the deaths of some key characters). Plus, I hate to torture my heart seeing too much drama.

Let’s start with the things I love about this drama.

I love everything about it (THERE IS ONLY ONE ASPECT I DISAPPROVE). I like how the story unfolded, the secrets, the twists and turns, osts, actors, everything. It did not only deal with romance, but it encompassed a lot of topics/aspects that clearly tugged at my heart. For example, it touched upon the value of friendship, of family, of a parent’s love for their child, and so many others.

From episode 1 to the beginning of episode 6, we were given the back story of the series. If you’re looking to watch the grown-up stars, you’ll have to wait 6 episodes to finally see them.

Initially, I thought six episodes are pretty long and I’m not even familiar with these kids. However, I adore the kid who portrayed Yeon Woo. I love the way she acts. One can’t help but be drawn to her. As for the others, at the first two episodes, I was a bit unconvinced about the kids who played Prince Lee Hwon and Yang Myung. I did not find them princely enough (wutttt). However, as the episodes unfolded, I learned to like them. Like is too weak a word, I love them. Okay?

And not only them, but also Heo Yeom and Woon. Okay my fan-girl heart could not take seeing so many flower boys in one drama (and I’m talking about you Siwan/Yeom). And they are younger than me (how unfair life is). The funny thing was, until episode four, I kept on thinking that Yeom and Woon were one person (they look the same! I thought I was only seeing Yeom! LOL).

Aside from their looks, these guys could definitely act. Lee Hwon got me by his amazing acting skills. Still, out of all these four, my heart was captivated by Lee Min Ho/Yang Myung. I love his character most (when they were younger), to the extent that I am rooting for Yang Myung x Yeon Woo. His character was so pitiable :/

I think it would be justifiable if I say that after their arc was finished, I terribly missed these kids. I wish there will be a kdrama where these kids will be the lead (like they wouldn’t age or sthg).

Looking at the older version of themselves:

I approve of Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga In. I’ve seen Han Ga In in some dramas and I kinda like her. For Soo Hyun, the only drama I’ve seen him was in Dream High (and I did not even bother finishing that series, don’t ask me why, lol) and well, I like Soo Hyun’s acting in TMTEtS! And about Jung Il Woo, I like the guy, no doubt but forgive me in saying that I was more drawn to the younger version of him. That’s why it became no wonder that I began rooting for Hwon x Wol here.

I can not forget that scene where Wol got a first glimpse at King Won. That was magical. And the moments they have shared together (though not many). The thing that I noticed in this series was although Wol x Won or even Wol x Yang Myung had few moments together but it did not even feel like they weren’t together. I can not pinpoint why I was not bored at any point (perhaps a bit when it was the ministers plotting chaos). Though of course, I wish there were many romantic moments (who wouldn’t).

I especially like the part where the King was practicing archery (with Woon by his side), and how Hwon said (more or less it went like this, can’t remember the exact words):

Hwon: You (talking to Woon) said that I am bewitched by her and that I should stop (liking her). Yes, I am bewitched but I CAN’T stop.

There were a lot of characters that I adored. A few of them were Hyung Sun, Hong Gyu Tae and Jong Shil 🙂 They made the series more interesting 🙂

and yeah they (those in task of casting) do want to make our hearts suffer, no? 😛

Well, I was glad we were given a good enough ending. Though there were a lot of heartaches, all was well. And I’m glad I made it until the end in one piece, I thought I wouldn’t survive 20 episodes of emotional torture (though I think I cried more when they were young).

NOW. Remember how I said that I love everything about this series? All except for one? From this point on, I’ll be ranting.

My favorite character in TMTEtS is Seol. Ever since I saw her, I liked her.

and well, when they were younger, I was shipping Seol x Heo Yeom (darn, like Yeom was so gorgeous). Then being a curious cat, I tried to search for spoilers (if they’ll end up together or maybe it was just me establishing a love line) but what popped up from my search was Seol x Woon

I was like “why would she end up with him??? my heart beats for Seol x Yeom”. If Heo Yeom was the top literary scholar, Woon/Un was the top military scholar. No one can compete with his sword skills and he’s dubbed as the ‘ice prince’. Kei. As I mentioned earlier, I thought this guy above and Yeom was the same person, turned out they weren’t. Anyweiz, after learning that Yeom will be married to Princess Min Hwa, I began to accept the possibility of Seol x Woon. What was I to do? PLUS, there were hints that there could be a Seol x Woon romance later on.

Then he came to the scene:

and all thoughts of Yeom were gone. In every sageuk drama that I watched, I never failed to love the man in black (i.e., strongest chil woo, hong gil dong, sung kyun kwan scandal, queen seon deok, etc). Woon was no exception. He’s hot when he was young but holy holy holy macaroni, lemme die! HAHAHA. And so my resolution for a Seol x Woon pairing was set.

Aren’t they a perfect match? Woon is Hwon’s most trusted aide, the same can be said for Seol. Seol learned her sword skills from observing Woon and Yeom even teased Woon that Seol likes him (and this earned a smile from the ice prince!). Ever since they were adults, I keep on praying for these two to meet. Perhaps it lead me to not be bored, patiently waiting for a scene between them. However, come episode 18, there was only one scene where they met. And it was not even that significant! I lost all hope of my ultimate OTP (shipped them more than Wol x YM/HW) being together and YEAH I already know what will happen in episode 19 even before I began shipping them.

For those who watched episode 19, wasn’t it heartbreaking?!!! and frustrating. If only it didn’t end that way, I would have thought it was romantic. Imagine a girl defending the love of her life and when she was being overpowered by her opponents, then comes this ultra hot and skillfull guy to save her (I’m making a fanfic on my mind while writing this).

And I thought they would be a pair. Why give hints when you were not even planning to make it real?!!! I seriously want to ____  the writer (or the ones responsible for the strike) for not bringing my OTP into fruition. This article pained my heart (this was taken from an interview to the writer):

I initially planned for Woon and Yeon Woo’s servant, Seol (Yoon Seung Ah) to become closer with each other, both being skilled in the martial arts. I wanted to cover a part of the story where they eventually fell in love.” She added, “[The drama] was initially 24 episodes in length, but as we shortened it to 20 episodes, I had to take out that part.

DIE EVERYONE! Feel my wrath. ARGGHHHHHHHHH. Hmm, can we have a series about them? a spin off please? Or she could release the script where Seol x Woon falling in love happens.

Or can anyone do a fanfiction between these two? So my heart can rest in peace. ANYTHING, someone please help me get over my frustration! I WANT THEM TOGETHER. I WANT THEM. I WANT THEM! I WAAAAAAAAAAANT. I. I. I. …

Moving on (I just have to include this part), at first I hated Princess Min Hwa for stealing Yeom away, but at the end, I was so touched during the scene where Yeom x Min Hwa x son were reunited. I even wanted them to have a separate story (i.e. the part where they got separated)!

That ends my review rant. It appears that instead of doing a review for The Moon That Embraces the Sun, I ended up making a review to Seol and Woon’s nonexistent love story. LOL