It took me a hard time to choose what .gif to include because all of them were so LOL-worthy. And then I thought to myself, should I just UL the whole video? LOLz


Just a friendly reminder, I watched this without SUBS, so just like most of you, I don’t know what they were saying (but actions are more than enough, really).

WARNING: this post will be image heavy 😀

This week’s episode is all about OLYMPICS! I love Olympics (and sports!)!

Triple the love since Shinhwa will be the one participating in it. For the Olympic episode, we have 2 guest emcees! Before the games began, Shinhwa made a sportsmanship oath (to be led by leader-nim)

I dunno if you noticed, but I loved how Hyesung double checked (corrected) Minwoo’s hand during the oath taking! HAHAHAHA. I guess Hyesung was being extra cautious (as what would unfold later on).

For this episode, there were a total of four games

1. Office chair race

2. Office chair relay

3. (strip) Judo

4. Boat (walking) relay.

First Game. Chair race! Trust Shinhwa to transform this race into something epic!

They started off real cool. With members showing great potential. They were given three trials. Some members were really impressive. While some were unfortunate xD

I just love how competitive Shinhwa is with one another. They rejoice at the fall of another, they make sure that everything is done ‘fairly’ and right.


They were so strict that even members found it unbelievable how sharp their eyes were (Eric it’s no use protesting and Andy stop being cute okay?!):


Still, no one was as unlucky as Dongwan Ahjussi. So unlucky that the members were more concerned at seeing him disqualified over his welfare:


Poor, poor Wannie. Perhaps you’re reaping the consequence of enjoying the last episode too much?

After all that happened, one victor emerged. And he more than deserved it, for he made this game look so effortless

Congratulations Baby Bird!

The second game was the chair relay! I love it when Shinhwa is divided into teams! LOL. They decided the teams based on the black and white system (idk what to call it but in our country it is called as such)

It was quite obvious that while one team was feeling victorious, the other was looking as if it was the end of the world (don’t worry I support you with all my heart! haha):


Tall Team vs. Small team, who’s your bet? Thing is, I love underdogs (and my top 2 favorite members are in group, haha)!


It started off with Tall team leading.


However, thanks to M and Andy’s effort (and Junjin’s mistake), red/small team emerged as winners! Loved the triumphant look on our maknae’s face 🙂

See, never lose hope. On the other camp, Oil and Water can not believe/accept their loss:


The third game is judo. Only, instead of the usual judo, it was termed ‘strip judo’. They should be used to it now, twisting game rules to make it more exciting.


To decide on who battles who, they drew lots

First match: Andy vs. Dongwan

Second match: Eric vs. Minwoo

Third match: Hyesung vs. Junjin

As much as I wanted to include all the matches in this post, let us focus our attention to the M of terror. One star that shone the brightest here was M. Out of skill, treachery and the like, Minu clearly owned this game (to the humiliation of the others).

Best match (in terms of laughter and ‘action’): Eric versus Minwoo. Our two CEO’s.


One would think that given Eric’s ‘seriousness’ and M’s thirst for victory, this would be an intense game. Intense, yes, but at a whole new different level


These two kids. RicMin. Just when you thought everything will be serious, there they go, making a fool of themselves:


Even after all the laughter and the ‘skills’ shown, Minwoo the expert won – to the dismay of Eric. Honestly, eric you can’t beat someone as ‘deceiving’ as M.


Results of preliminaries:

Match 1: Andy won

Match 2: Minwoo won

Match 3: Junjin won.

No doubt about the winners, I am of the opinion that these three are the strongest (and most competitive) Shinhwa members (well sometimes I think Eric is really strong). Since with the number, it was evident that one would have to sit out (while the other two fought each other), they drew lots again.

Junjin was lucky enough because he won a straight ticket to the finals! Andy and Minwoo weren’t lucky and the winner in their match will face Jinnie in the finals.

Before I proceed, let’s have a mini-break. I present you with adorable Andy and Sungie


Try to immortalize Andy’s laughing form in your minds because after his match with Minwoo, he looked like a lost kid:


No one battles Minwoo and escape him unscathed (golden rule). Poor maknae, his hyung was so ___ (you supply the appropriate term).


As if that was not enough, M further ‘molested’ (LOL) Andy by raining him with kisses (provided below are only two of the six .gif I made of M kissing Andy)


I was actually saddened during the part where Minwoo accidentally revealed Andy’s back. I don’t want to dampen your mood but remember the news about Andy suffering from back pains? And how he did not informed his hyungs about it because he didn’t want them to get worried? Well here is a proof of it 😦 Our maknae really wants to give it all his best that despite his back hurting, he still gives his 200% for us (I found it sweet for Minwoo to quickly cover his back after exposing the black strap)

After much ‘sweetness’ from Mindy (one of my OTPs), M (it was obvious that M will win that after what he did to Andy! :D) faced Junjin in the finals. Despite his two fights, M was still as energized as ever. I was expecting a good fight (since Junjin is one heck of an opponent), and good it was but knowing M, he pulled some dirty tricks, one of them was so foul it had to be put in x-ray color (haha, idk what color to call it)

M was declared champion but it will be blasphemy to say that he won it fairly. He employed various tricks, most of it involved butt poking. Eric and Andy were sure victims


But even as a bystander, he could not help poking his hand on people’s butts. Unfortunately, Hyesungie’s butt was apparently too tempting to ignore. Still, even before the butt poking started, Dongwan just couldn’t help how alluring Bongie’s butt was (WooDong!)


The fourth and final game for this episode was boat relay! Time for some team division!

Okay, MinWanDy, admit it, who among you has a birthmark in his butt? Or is it just destiny’s way of putting you together in a group (no complains here)?


The two teams were divided into team Europe (Tall Team) and team Asia (small team)

Team Asia started out great, with Team Europe falling behind


Team Asia’s luck went on as they easily finished the first obstacle

HOWEVER, at the second obstacle, not even their skills can make up for what nature deprived them of. The second obstacle involved taking a bite from a food (candy?) suspended in the air (by a string). Once leading, they found themselves head-to-head with Team Europe.


Sadly, Team Asia never stood a chance in this part. Their heights were useless with that of Team Europe (at one point, I thought Asia’ candy was suspended higher than Europe’s). Frustrations overcame them


and Team Europe won the relay.

Not bad. I actually enjoyed this episode a lot! And it scored a 1+ rating! HURRAH for our oppa deul!

Eric approves.

p.s. this post took me three days to finish, I made so many .gifs but I was only able to include a few of them in this post 😦

double ps. omgee, my member bias is so showing on my recaps! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Forgive me, he is too adorable to miss out!