Aloha~ Fellow Changjos (and for those who aren’t … still)

Today I bring you Episode 2 of Shinhwa Broadcast. But before I continue, let me just remind you that I watched this RAW so I did not have a clue about what they were saying/talking about. Still, being a dedicated fan, I shall provide you with pictures/gifs! and a brief summary of how I interpreted what was happening.

Before we proceed, I warn you:

this post would be image heavy! So unless you have a ‘relatively’ fast internet connection, enter at your own risk. LOL

Continuing from where episode 1 ended, our heroes were shocked to find out ‘Goliath’ in the flower shop. It was up to them (and their super powers/special weapons) to defeat this guy and find the clue where the PD’s daughter might be.

First they tried arm wrestling. To no avail they lost (hahaha). Though some of the members showed potential (ahem, Minwoo and Eric I am not talking about you), in the end they can never beat THE man. Frustrations were seen, laughters were inevitable (I just adore seeing Andy laughing like there’s no tomorrow)

They tried to negotiate to change the game. In the end they settled to play the ____ game (gah, idk what it is called). Anyone who have seen Shinhwa’s Qualifications of Men knows who excel and suck in this type of game! Obviously, Andy is the best candidate! This part made me laugh so hard! HAHAHAHA. Poor maknae (and notice how Eric was enjoying himself). After realizing that he can become invisible, Junjin helped Andy. Thus, the day was saved!

After retrieving the clue. The guys drove off to the location stated in the clue. They were brought to a gymnasium.

There, they were shocked to see a swimming pool. Somewhere at the end of a pool was a glassbox and in it was the PD! Moving on (lol, isn’t it obvious that I do not want to dwell much about the PD), we all know that whenever a variety show’s location is in an indoor pool, ‘terrible’ things are bound to happen! Take for example this lovely seats:

We should name them ‘the chairs of terror’. LOL.

What happened next was unclear to me, all I know is that they were asked to choose a member (I guess it was: choose a member that will not participate in the game?) and they were unanimous in picking Dongwan (hah! they thought Wannie won’t enjoy it! lol. I think they were briefed that only one of them can save the PD)!

It was a good decision since I was wondering how will Dongwan fare with his bulky superman suit (will he float or sink?). Don’t worry Wannie, you’d have a great time, I assure you. The remaining five members were prepped about the mechanics of the game. It was a quiz-bee type (with Dong Wan as the host) of game. Again, I did not understand how the punishment will go but of course base from what will happen next we all have an idea what it will be.

If only we could forewarn these guys of the faith that they will suffer later!

These reactions from Eric and Andy are enough to give us an overview of the hilarity that will ensue!



What you are about to see are lots and lots of .gif. They are so lol worthy that I can not stop myself from capturing it in moving images.

ForevERIC cool


Leader-nim sure enjoyed himself (even at the expense of his members). HAHAHAHA. I love how clueless he seemed and how cool he looked even when thrown at the pool! When the other members were all stressed out, there he was oh-so-lively 😛

Poor fellas

Okay. Admit it, who here has not laughed when all but one member were thrown at the same time? I’m guilty. I know it’s bad but seeing how taken aback the members were are enough to make me (us) laugh.


And most of them were due to Eric (note: the .gifs above are two different scenarios)! LOL. On a serious note, I can’t help but worry about some of the members. Knowing how physical varieties can be (and shinhwa themselves), they should take care of their health. Now that we know of Andy’s back pains and Hyesung’s injury, I hope they take it one step at a time.

Los Pobres

If I were to rank who suffered the most (humiliation) among them, I can’t pinpoint one single person. I actually have three!



For me, the standout in the first two episodes was Andy. I can’t help looking at him (all the time). I love how he was always happy (and game for anything). I think he is candidate for the most number of threw in! Our maknae is really something right? He is the most adorable out of them all!



HAHAHA. Sungie! How unfortunate that you have the most number of props among them! No wonder you always lose your monkey! and even your undergarment! LOL. Alongside Andy, he was also frequently thrown! LOL. (p.s. I added the second gif because of his hair flick :P)


How the ‘M’ighty have fallen. Seriously minbong, how clumsy can you be? LOL. Now you know how difficult it is to be in stockings! Honestly, I think out of them all, minbong was the most stressed! HAHAHAHAHAHA and can I just post Dongwan’s reaction to M’s faith?:

These two. My heart. It’s as if they only have eyes for each other (Wannie always laughed at M’s mistakes)! Can you see the sparkle in Wannie’s eyes?

The person who enjoyed this part the most is … Dongwan!

WAY TO GO SUPERMAN! At least you got rewarded for being bullied by the members!

After all the splashing, throwing, laughing, sliding, etc had been done, let’s take a quick look on the current situation of our beloved group!

BUT when He showered blessings, it was obvious that one particular kid was wide awake. I think it is unfair how he could look so gorgeous in any situation:


Anyway, in the end Junjin won and the PD was saved!

As a bonus treat, Shinhwa was shown taking a bath together!

p.s. I was so tired from making all the .gifs that I was lazy to properly end this post!