The Legends are back!!! Shinhwa’s back (a delayed post/reaction since I was so busy last week)! I have waited three years for this (since they were already on hiatus when I became a fan).

ANYWAY. For those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s their MV for their title track Venus

Can I not stress enough how PROUD I am as a Shinhwa Changjo? THE BOYS are BACK. DEFINITELY BACK. I feel like a new fan because this will also be my first time seeing their comeback and watching them live (or in real time).

TBH, when I first heard Venus, I thought there were a few other songs that should be made the title track, however, as I listen to it, I got the hang of it and now I love it to death 😛

To listen to their album, you can check it out on Melon‘s  (it is in Korean though, but I think you can more or less navigate your way around it).

The Return –  Album

Let me be frank in saying that this is the album where in I LOVE ALL THE SONGS (except one, won’t tell which). I always have it on loop that even though I’m not playing it, words from the songs keep popping up in my mind =))

My favorite track will have to be Breathin’ . I hope they’ll perform this even once 🙂 On the Road is good too! Actually, you have to listen to all of the songs 😛

Comeback Performance

I’m giving you the one from KBS Music Bank (I do wish they’ll have a CB stage on Inkigayo too, I love Inkigayo best):

I love their rendition (and the stage) of Hurts more in MuBank than Mnet’s. I just love how elegant the stage seemed and how great they were singing it live. As for Venus, I do hope the camera men’s a bit adept at taking good focus, like for real. LOL

Shinhwa Broadcast

I think I’m doing a recap of this show. IT’s super hilarious. More Shinhwa love please.

For those looking for english subs, someone already uploaded subs for Episode 1! You can go HERE

Darn, I want to watch episode 2 already (but I will have to wait for the subs to come out)


04.03.12 FOR NEW FANS

I noticed how there are new converts to the fandom (or are showing interest). I have made quite a number of posts about Shinhwa (will link them to this post later) and for those who want to know more about them (or their music), I will provide a list of my favorites from them here.


FAVORITE MEMBER: Minwoo (M, Minbong)

Member bias: Andy (second love: discovered through WGM, he’s my favorite before M came along) and Eric (first love: discovered through Phoenix)

Voice I love best: Dongwan (there’s something about his voice, you should listen to his albums!)

Songs (FOR those who are searching for good Shinhwa songs! I’ll try to put a YT link for you)

One thing you should learn about me is I love ballads among anything else, I’m not much of a fan of dance tracks (just saying)

ULTIMATE FAVORITE SONGS: How Do I Say, Angel, Dashi Hanbeonman, Once in a Lifetime, Chance

Other favorite songs: You’re My Everything (I love the rap parts here best), Snowy Night, 2geder 4ever, Throw My Fist, Shooting Star, Perfect Man, I Pray for You, Eusha Eusha

Minwoo song: Love is a Beautiful Word (the best!)

Dongwan song: Handkerchief,