Guess who’s back, back again, Shinhwa’s back, tell a friend~

I’m not doing a full episode recap but I’ll just provide a brief background about what the episode is about (knowing me, I’m sure I’ll do more than that)xD

First thing’s first. Shinhwa, you never fail to make me laugh. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME

P.S. I’ll provide screen caps when I DL the whole show (just waiting for the full engsub version to be UL-ed).

Shinhwa Broadcast Episode 1 (spoilers coming your way)

Since it was their first broadcast ever, the members were a bit clueless on what was going to happen. Still, being their adorkable selves, they made sure that each moment was full of hilarity.

THEIR TASK: To go find and save the President’s Daughter (PD)!

But first to help them become capable of doing that, they first need to transform into heroes!

Six different costumes were shown to them: James Bond, 600m Dollar Man, Super Man, Wonder Woman, TarJan (lol) and Hollow/Invisible Man. However, as it was evident that some of the costumes were “more preferable” than others, they have to battle it out to have the privilege of being the first one to choose his preferred costume (I promise I’ll provide quotes after DL-ing the vid)!

The mechanics: They played a game similar to Trip to Jerusalem. The twist? Only one cushion is provided. The first person who can last three seconds wins. Still, anyone can steal the cushion! hahahahahaha.

THIS GAME WAS ThE FUNNIEST. As in I can not stop myself from LMAO-ing hard. My mom was giving me weird glances due to that (she even remarked that my laughter was heard from the outside).

In the end, our dear maknae won! Even the part where he chose what costume to wear was funny. The battle for who to choose next were equally adorable! HAHAHA. I love how competitive Mibongie, Jinnie and Wannie were :D.

I think it is unfair how Eric got to be super cool in that suit, he should’ve worn something different (lol). And WooDong is really meant to be, ne~ ? Hyesung and Jinnie (mother and baby bird)’s negotiation about the costumes was also fun.

After getting dressed, they each showed their special weapon! I think Hyesung’s weapons suited him best and Jinnie’s a poor lad wasn’t he?

FIRST MISSION: They went to the PD’s room to search for clues about her whereabouts.

What I liked best about this part: seeing Andy, Eric, JunJin and Minwoo’s punches. LIKE WOW. They have super strength! I was actually surprised at how strong Andy’s punch was (I wonder why he scored lower than 800 :D). Junjin’s the strongest among them, no doubt, he makes punching look so effortless. AND LOL at Minbong’s punch! I can say he was pretty disappointed he didn’t attain an 800ish score xD

After getting the clues, they drove through a place. I think their conversation on the van was awesome. HAHAHAHA. Them making up their own nicknames was hellafun. I think I like ‘TarJan’ best! HAHAHAHAHA. And Eric ‘bullying’ Andy!

SECOND MISSION: They are asked to be in pairs and to battle the citizens (through games).

Pairings: Minwoo-Dongwan, Hyesung-Junjin, Andy-Eric (the writers know how to make fans happy)

If ever Shinhwa will approach me and ask me to play a game with them, I wouldn’t run. Who would?????!

Highlights of this part: how shy they were in public! WooDong’s adorkableness, Eric, Andy, M, and Wannie eating secretly, etc.

After accomplishing the task, they were left with finding the place where WOL (PD) was located. I absolutely loved how they were walking with their arms linked together (will SC it later).

When they finally found the right place, they were surprised that finding Wol was only the first part of their ‘mission/suffering’.

Episode 2 will feature them battling it out to defeat Wol! Based from the preview,  I think it will be more interesting (I can’t wait to see the pool part)! If only I know Korean well enough, I would help in subbing.

p.s. Want to watch it with subs? Go to this site (I hope they’ll sub this show ’til the end xD)