Note: I have not read what EYK wrote about Shinhwa but from the tweets that I have seen from my co-SHCJs, it was UNACCEPTABLE.

I.will.never.read.what.they.wrote. PERIOD. My time’s gonna be wasted reading such nonsense. I could be more productive than be affected by what they wrote.

Let’s settle it once and for all, I am only blogging this once, I would just like to express what I feel about Shinhwa’s haters (including the one who wrote that review for EYK).

I was not aware of EYK’s existence until Shinhwa made their comeback. In fact, I was not into KPOP for years (I told myself I’ll return when Shinhwa returns) and it felt like a lot has changed. Pardon me in saying but when I saw tweets asking SHCJ’s to vote at EYK, I never did vote (though I did vote at every other sites). How glad I am that I never bothered -.-

TO ALL THE HATERS: Why hate Shinhwa? Okay, that was too much to ask ‘coz all of the idols have haters but it pains me seeing comments like “aren’t they too old?”, “they shouldn’t have returned”, “they’ll not win”.

I don’t care if Shinhwa does not win any award (but of course it will be wonderful for them to do so, who would not want that?). What I know is that I love seeing them together. And I’m glad Shinhwa kept their promise to SHCJ’s. What we see now aren’t guys who are concerned about sales, popularity, etc (could you see how humble they were, initially limiting their 10th jib release to 30k copies, correct me if I’m wrong) . What we are seeing is a group of grown-up men giving their hearts out to make their fans happy. As long as someone is still supporting and loving Shinhwa, I am 200% sure they will be there for us. They will never get tired giving happiness to people 🙂

Shinhwa did not come back to win awards. Shinhwa came back to deliver the promise that they made four years ago. And so what if “they can’t keep up” with the new generation of idols? The heck I (we) care. And if their comeback performances weren’t enough to prove their capability, then I dunno what else can.

TRUTH is, of all the fan clubs in KPOP (and elsewhere), I am most proud of Shinhwa Changjos. It even makes me emotional thinking how awesome it is to be a part of a club like SHCJ. YES, we may have fewer numbers than other FCs but ONE THING I’m sure of is OUR loyalty, OUR dedication. Investing oneself to a group for more than a decade is not an easy feat. I have been a SHCJ for like 3 years (?) and yet the feeling of supporting Shinhwa is overwhelming. Imagine how it would feel for those who have supported them since the start/beginning. Most SHCJ have matured with Shinhwa, most even have families of their own now, but what? They are still there for Shinhwa. It even makes me emotional when I see clips where mothers will bring their children to Shinhwa events and it makes me teary hearing how little children know about Shinhwa (because of their mums).

I’d rather stick to my fandom, thank you. I love how solid we are. THOUGH I have to admit my heart swells exponentially when I read how people find Shinhwa amazing (new fans). New fans are always welcome. At least people appreciate them. Here’s the thing, new fans are introduced to Shinhwa because of their comeback, now I tell you, what would it be like if these people discover how crazy they can be (from watching their variety shows, interviews, etc.)? It will be hard to find their way out.

Once you’re sucked into this fandom, there’s no way of getting out. I am a living example. My heart only beats for them. We have seen how the KPOP scene has transformed in the last 2-3 years but I am glad that with Shinhwa, we are seeing the reason why KPOP matters. Like for real, I don’t think Shinhwa will ever change nor will they ever be pressured to adapt to the current norms in the industry. They will forever be dorks and I will forever love them for that.



p.s. I saw this tweet in twitter:

“”Our orange princesses, don’t worry. You have us. The pain and the hardships, we will take care of it all.” – Shinhwa to SHCJ”

And I tear up. I could imagine Eric saying this. And for a moment I felt like I need not worry at all. The feeling is like when I watched a Jackie Chan movie (hey I LOVE Jackie Chan!), no matter how many villains pop out and no matter how beaten up JC may be, at the end of the day he will never fail to save the heroine. The same as our Shinhwa oppa-deul.