This is not the singing duo nor the korean drama! haha

P  L  O  T

In 18th century England, Gabriel, an orphan girl from a fallen noble family befriended a young man named Jeremy, who was rumored to be an illegitimate child of a nobleman. After an incident occurred, resulting in his tragic death, Gabriel must impersonate her friend Jeremy, taking his place at an all boys academy for nobles, a place that may seem like heaven to others, but really hides a harshness which she would never have imagined (source: Baka-Updates Manga).

T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

The first ever manhwa (Korean manga) that I’ve finished.

FACT: I love stories centering on England, nobility, 18th, 19th, and basically anything historical.

I read this all in one sitting. I even stayed up until 2am so I could finish this. Whatam I feeling?

Savage Garden started out with great potential. I was so hooked on the story that I couldn’t let it go. Cliche though the story may seem (the girl crossdressing as a guy), I was so ecstatic to find out how the mangaka (or should I say manhwaka? lol idunno what to call him/her) would play his cards. There are so many angles (in the story) to choose from!

HOWEVER. DANG. IS IT JUST ME? I felt that near the end, the story was rushed. It seemed that since the author wanted to end things quickly, he (I’m assuming he’s a he) drew the first thing that came to mind. There were a lot of questions unanswered. There were parts that were not fully explained. The storyline went on so fast that at times I thought to myself “did I miss a chapter or what? Whahappened there?”

I am disappointed yes (still, I do love the story). Truth is, one of my fan fics is almost similar to this. And while I was reading SG, I came up with good ideas about my own story. The author could have taken all the time he wanted to write a masterpiece, I wouldn’t complain if the story went beyond seven volumes, I know it would be worth it.

There were a lot of bishies to choose from but I love Ray the most 😛 I was hoping that their reunion towards the end was a bit longer *sigh*