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With only six episodes so far, for this post I will be dealing until the latest episode (okay, I might add additional thoughts as the show progresses).

P   L   O   T

This romantic comedy deals with “pretty boys,” who with good looks and individuality, operate a ramen shop with lively college girls and experience the happenings of daily life (source: dramawiki).

Reading the synopsis above is not descriptive of what has happened so far (I’m too lazy to do my own summary).  Basically it was in episode 6 where we got to see the “rebirth” of the ramyun shop. LOL. Anyway, I would just like to add a few more details about the story (I think I’ll end up making a summary, oh well).

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop revolves around the story of Yang Eun Bi (Lee Chung Ah) a 25 year old who aspires to become a teacher. In her dream to become one, she becomes a student-teacher in Cha Sun High (all boys school). Here she comes into contact with the so-called Prince and heir to the Cha Sun industry, Cha Chi Soo (Jung Il Woo). Prior to her becoming a student-teacher, Eun Bi had the misfortune to meet Chi Soo. Thinking that Chi Soo was 6 years older than her, Eun Bi fell to Chi Soo’s charm (who wouldn’t? Given the guys qualifications), however little did she know that Chi Soo was actually six years younger than her and to add to her humiliation, he would be one of her students!

T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

There ya go, I’m not that good in making summaries but hope it will suffice.

Where to start? There are actually a lot of things running inside my head but let me start this review by saying that, I CAN’T ERASE JUNG IL WOO’s IMAGE AS SCHEDULER EVEN WHEN HE’S ACTING A DIFFERENT ROLE.

How’s that? I don’t know but aside from Chi Soo and Scheduler’s attitude, all is the same. LOL. I won’t elaborate more because it’s a bit hard to explain.

With the title, onewould probably think that this is just a show with pretty boys running lose and honestly, who would take a drama about a Ramyun Shop seriously (no offense to RS owners but I hope you get the point).

We have witnessed shows about cake, coffee, pasta, bread, etc, but I think this is my first time hearing a drama about ramyun. Ramyun’s a staple food in Korea so I guess patterning a show after ramyun is justifiable. However, we have yet to see the ramyun part in this drama (we were given previews though).

What do I like most about this? I don’t even know. But living up to its title, FBRS is akin to the feeling of eating a super duper hot ramyun – so enjoyable and fulfilling.

How can I describe it, perhaps if this is another drama, I would have felt that there were not enough things happening, or the pacing is a bit slow, but for this one, I felt that despite the apparent short time period (I felt that what happened in all six episodes spanned about only a month, or even less, story wise  aka slow paced?) what made this series an enjoyable one is the focus on not just one but most of the characters.

As I have said, we have yet to see the Ramyun Shop part, but then we are given different side dishes to enjoy. I never expected for Eun Bi to be a teacher (before watching this), nor did I expect Chi Soo to be a student and a rich one at that. Also, what’s with the narcissistic guys in this drama (I’m not complaining! ha! will discuss this shortly)?  Furthermore, I think with all the stories we are given, this drama contains different storylines that can branch out to other plots or series. For example, Eun Bi becoming a teacher can become a separate story. Eun Bi’s passion and talent for volleyball and her road to making it big in the field can also become another story. While these things may normally make another drama complicated and difficult to follow, FBRS has done well to keep it together and produce a great plot. And we haven’t even reached the ramyun part (I have said it a lot of times, pardon me).

About the leads. I’ll be honest in saying that I’m feeling neutral for the female lead until…… evidences suggested that she is a Shinhwa fan! LOL. C’mon I super love the writer(s) of this show or whoever made her character a Shinhwa Changjo! LOL. As for the male leads. I know people would kill me, but currently, I’m for Eun Bi x Kang Hyuk. If a guy tells you:

No it’s not (that Eun Bi was not special) but it’s because you haven’t met anyone to tell you that you’re special


Eun Bi: Don’t ever think of running away with the store.

Kang Hyuk: Why will I run away with the store? I’d run away with you instead.

Double KYAAAAAAA. OWKEI. I would have thought that given Chi Soo being a brat, Kang Hyuk (Lee Ki Woo) will end up being the cool and suave man. Cool and suave: check. But adding a narcissistic and sleepy head at that? You gotta be kidding me! HAHA. He’s so coool. Though I now there is a slim to no chance of him ending up with Eun Bi but it’s cute seeing them together.

Fangirls may hurl stones at me for not choosing Prince x Eun Bi. Still, don’t despair! With his character and age (damn, he’s only 19) it would take more episodes to make his character grow.

Chi Soo (referring to Eun Bi):  For 19 years I’ve never had a single pimple, and she’s the one to leave a mark.

That girl!.

I’m sure that once he matures, he will captivate our hearts. He is still a boy (as compared to Kang Hyuk). I know I’ll be smiling once Chi Soo realizes the realities of life and when he finally tastes a ramyun (I’m unclear on whether or not he ate that ramyun back in the hospital).

Normally I’m not a fan of older woman – younger man relationship, but in this series, I learned to get over it (who would see Jung Il Woo as 19? LOL).

If you ask me who my favorite character is, my answer will not be Chi Soo or Kang Hyuk, but rather it will be Kim Ba Wool/Crazy Rooster. HAHAHA. IDK, but I dig his character plus he reminds me of Jaybum.

Ba Wool: If Yoon So Yi is my goddess, then noona, you are my hero (referring to Eun Bi)

Also lately, Hyun Woo/Warrior guy is slowly inching his way up too! Weird right? I’m looking forward to their craziness in Eun Bi’s ramyun shop.

That’s it for now. Will add more thoughts as the episodes go on 🙂