There are series that are really good but for some reason you could not continue watching it.

In my experience of watching Asian Dramas, The Outsiders is the first one that I have given up watching because of the sadness it brought me. I have given up on some dramas but this is the first instance that the decision came from me (although it pains me). I have unfortunately came across series with horrible plots but why is it that a series as amazing as The Outsiders affected me this much?

P   L   O   T

Story revolves around three sworn brothers namely Yu Hao (Dylan Kuo), Dan Zi (Blue Lan) and Ah Qi (Michael Zhang). They are delinquents, fighting to gain what they want, though they have never officially joined any triads yet. Their leader Yu Hao falls for Pei Yu Yan (Ady An), who is the opposite of everything that the boys are. She is from a family with very good background and has a bright future as a budding pianist. An ambush on Yu Hao by a rival gang brings them together when Yan Zi saves Yu Hao.

So the story revolves around how they fall in love and how Yu Hao, in a bid to protect Yan Zi, ends up joining the triads in order to get protection.

T   H   O   U   G   H   T   S

As I have said, the decision of stopping this series (right after finishing episode 5) came from the pain it caused my heart (for real). It is not because I find the story unappealing.

In contrast, I can’t help but smile during the first two episodes. My heart did flutter whenever Ah Hao and Yu Yan were shown together. It was so innocent and so pure.

This series started out so innocently and sweet that I’m sure as one see the transition of the story from light to dark, s/he will feel this gut-wrenching pain (lol). If only the plot remained that way (revolving around their high school life), but asking for that is like asking for the impossible. From what I have read (and heard), what made TO unique is its dealing with the triads life. In a way, it deviates from the traditional story dealing with love alone (though TO is still about love).

What made me stop? Probably the spoilers I read. I know that important people will die in the end and that Yu Yan would be raped but after reading someone’s review about the show (of how Ah Hao and Yu Yan’s love story would turn out complicated), I decided to stop. I just want to preserve Ah Hao’s image (of the first few episodes) in my heart. I could not bear to see him and his relationship with Yu Yan “change”. My fragile heart could not take that. Imagine myself watching episode 5. I was watching it with a heavy heart. Imagine more if I were to watch the episodes to follow, I would probably be suicidal (kidding!). Also, I don’t want to be confused choosing between Ah Hao and Dan Zi. I love Ah Hao best but I’m sure after a few more episodes, it would’ve changed (for Dan Zi is far more good a choice than Ah Hao).

The thing with stories about gangsters and mafia, it will be all fun and exciting in the beginning, but as the story goes on, you’ll find yourself depressed and all that sheez. I have read fanfictions about gangs and I think I know some dramas with themes like that, but seldom will you see a happy ending in such kinds. Yes, there may be realizations at the end but it will still cause you emotional trauma (WOW).

What then do I like about TO? I looooove the cast. MAN, it is my first time seeing Dylan Kuo in a drama and can I just say that I like him (reminds me of Hayami Mokomichi)? The same goes for Blue. And hands down to Ady An, she’s really a great actress. No doubt.

Second, I love the feeling it gives me. Reminiscent of the good old Taiwanese drama feeling. With its cinematic quality and the awesome OSTs.

Third, I love the brotherhood between the three guys. Enough said. I wish I can also have friends like that.

Fourth, you’ll learn a lot. There was this part (I think it was in episode 4? or 5?) where in Yu Yan’s dad was talking to her and telling her to never associate with street girls like Hong Dou because they do not have dignity (or something like that), I was like “most of the time, poor people are more respectable than the rich ones”.

I have said a lot and it should be best if I stop here. To all those who have not seen this yet, do not be discouraged by what I have written. It actually depends on the person. But a word to you, out of the 20 episodes of season1, only the first 12 episodes were subbed. Even the second season does not have subs 😦