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The series that made me love Show Luo ♥

P   L   O   T

Da Lung (Show Luo)was a certifiable dork when he first arrived in Hangzhou. After his schoolmate Bao Zhu (Rainie Yang) saved him from bullying, she became his first love. Then, a misunderstanding caused them to lose contact when she moved back to Taiwan. He thought she dumped him. So he transformed himself from a dork to a hunk in order to seek revenge (source: dramawiki).

Unbeknownst to Bao Zhu, Da Lung was just a false name made to conceal the real identity of Xue Hai, heir to a million dollar company. Three years after not seeing each other, Bao Zhu was surprised to see Xue Hai, a guy who looked exactly like Da Lung but whose personality differed from the innocent and kind-hearted guy she once fell in love with.

T   H   O   U   G   H  T   S

A year ago (if my memory serves me right), I attempted to watch this drama but somehow it did not happen.

I am not a fan of Show Luo, I tried to watch Corner With Love, but to no avail he did not appeal to me. Next came Hot Shot, but not even Jerry Yan can persuade me to at least watch it. I always knew that Show is more of the comedic actor, and please forgive me in saying that before I found it a tad corny.

And then I watched Hi, My Sweetheart, and it all changed.

I tell you, not even Da Lung’s shame of society, ugly mushroom head can stop me from loving this guy. I love him as Da Lung, and I love him too as Xue Hai. Only shows how great of an actor Show is. He can portray both a dorky and cool guy.

Enough of my profession of love. Let’s keep the ball rolling.

I’m sure we are used to seeing dramas with nerdy girls as leads (the typical ugly duckling story) but there are a few that tackles about nerdy boys, okay there maybe a lot, but nerdy-super rich guys? Probably not (or that I haven’t watched yet). While HMS may exemplify typical cliches in a drama (there were a lot of scenes btw), it did not stop me from loving the show. Others may cringe at the simplest cliche, but there are types that I absolutely love. I love it when there are misunderstandings between the couple and the usual time jump that follows. I love it how the guy totally misunderstands the girl and develops this hatred for the girl. At times, I love how the guy gets amnesia and forgets everything about the girl. I love all of these plots but of course only when done in good taste.

I can overlook all those things just because Rainie and Show are both hilarious! And they look good together too. I enjoy seeing them together in Shanghai (when Xue Hai still had his mushroom head), of how Bao Chu Jie bullies him and how adorable Da Lung looks (and his get ups). I think I even developed an affection for Pink Panther and anything pink. I love it more when they were back in Taiwan, and the new and improved (wth) Xue Hai. There were more sparks and laughter.

It was so fun watching these two bicker. If only there were more scenes featuring that, I would die happily. Remember the episode where they had a vacation? Absolutely the best.

I would admit that the biggest factor for me liking this drama is because of Show Lo. Ever since seeing his transformation, I can not help but to look at him, it does not help that his character is also to die for (with the ferrari car and the earrings!). I guess it did help that for the first five episodes all we saw was mushroom head Da Lung, so when we finally see Xue Hai, we were like transfixed ♥.♥ I love him best whenever he acted cold, it adds up to his hotness. And if ever the writers decided to go with the plot of him being really cold-hearted, the story would also turn out perfectly.

Nonetheless, since the premise of HMS is rom-com, seeing a dorky Xue Hai made the story better. As one viewer commented, it would be good if we have Xue Hai’s look but with Da Lung’s personality (the writers thought otherwise because towards the end they gave us Da Lung’s appearance with Xue Hai’s personality xD). I would have liked it too, but I guess it defeats the purpose of having the old Da Lung (and Bao Zhu falling in love with him) in the first place.

For even with Xue Hai in the scene, Bao Zhu’s heart is still reserved for Da Lung and Da Lung alone (not even Xue Zhang can replace him). It would only be logical for Bao Zhu to end up with Da Lung. And wouldn’t it be unrealistic for her to end up with Xue Zhang? I mean the drama shows us that looks do not matter, it’s the personality that counts. Still, if only Xue Hai…. (hahaha, I’m basically contradicting myself).