I’m in the mood for spamming! LOL. I don’t know if there are still people out there who regularly check my blog but I would just like to update you of how I’ve been during the last three months that I was missing.

I.WAS.BUSY. That much is true, but before the hellest of the hellest of the hellest days in school started, I managed to watch some series and read some manga.


1. I managed to get through most of the episodes of Heartstrings, in fact I think I’m two episodes away from the ending and I do hope I can finish it soon (saving my review for that)

2. Spy Myungwol – I DL-ed most of the episodes but still haven’t watched a single episode, it will have to wait.

3. Ikemen Desu Ne – Three episodes away from the finale, and I’m itching to post my review!

4. Ouran High School Host Club – Four episodes left for me to finish, and yeah, just wait for my review 🙂

5. My MVP Valentine – I’m currently watching this series, and the reason why I can’t start on the series above is because I’m addicted to this :))


More than watching Asian dramas, I found myself drawn to reading mangas. There’s just something that makes a person addicted, especially if one started reading it from the beginning. Here are some of the mangas that kept me occupied:

1. Gakuen Alice – my favorite anime, my favorite manga. Oh how I love thee.

2. Absolute Witch – not literally a manga, but a manhwa. BUT it is one of the best I have ever read, not only story wise but illustration wise.

3. Kitchen Princess – hahahaha. And to think that I am already21.

There there there.