Ever heard about the I-Can’t-Finish-A-Drama (ICFAD) Syndrome?

There isn’t really such a syndrome but from now on, I’m using the term ICFAD.

ICFAD can happen because of two reasons:

1. You watched the drama but as you progressed, you learned that it wasn’t to your liking (i.e. My Princess, MSOAN) or

2. You watched the drama, got busy on other stuff (presumably school or work), and later on you just can’t find the will to continue it – probably because of the time lapse or you just want to move on to other series (i.e. City Hunter, SKKS, Heartstrings, etc).

So, have you experienced the ICFAD Syndrome?

My advice: the next time you try to start watching a series, make sure that you don’t have anything to do for the rest of the week, or better yet, if the series you are planning to watch is currently airing, let the series finish first, then DL it, and watch it non-stop =)

By the way, how do you do? This is my first post after three months 😛