49 Days. Ohhh the giddiness, excitement and tears that you brought me.

I realized one thing after watching this: I absolutely adore Lee Yo Won. BTW I’ll be posting spoilers here so you have been warned.

P   L   O   T

Shin Ji Hyun (Nam Gyu Ri) was enjoying absolute bliss as she was about to marry her fiancé, Kang Min Ho (Bae Soo Bin), but her perfect life is shattered when she gets into a car accident that leaves her in a coma. She is given a second chance at life by a reaper (Jung Il Woo), but it comes with a condition: she has to find three people outside of her family who would cry genuine tears for her. In order to do this, she borrows the body of Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won), a part-time employee at a convenience store for 49 days (source: dramawiki).

T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

I watched this drama because of the teaser that I saw in one of our local channels. Though I took a break from watching kdramas, I made it a point to update myself on what was showing, and from that I knew of 49 days’ existence. Then again, as I was too lazy to watch anything I didn’t even bother to look at any teaser of it.

Back to what I am trying to say, just one look at that teaser convinced me that it was worth my time and so I watched it immediately. An episode was all it took for me to get hooked. And from then on, the story kept getting better and better. If only my acads weren’t in the way, I think I would finish this without taking a break xD


One reason for my interest is Lee Yo Won. I loved her in Fashion 70s and Queen Seon Dok, and this drama only intensified it, she’s one of my favorite Korean actresses. She’s already 31 (32) but she looks like she’s in her early 20s. Her portrayal as both Yi Kyung and Ji Hyun is perfect. She can be indifferent when she’s YK, and bubbly when she’s JH, but you know what? I love her more as Yi Kyung. In fact I prefer Yi Kyung more than JH (even if it’s JH inside YK’s body). I am more interested in YK’s story (but that does not mean that I don’t like JH’s story).

On to the show’s men.

This is a drama where in you’ll find all the men attractive. I’ll focus first on the men in Ji Hyun’s life. Kang Min Ho and Han Kang. I know Min Ho from Shining Inheritance and I liked his character there. Before starting this drama, I even thought that he was the main lead, so imagine my shock when I discovered that Jo Hyun Jae (Han Kang) was there, of course JHJ will be the lead. I was initially happy for Kang Min Ho (and I though Kang will end up with Yi Kyung xD) but when his true colors were revealed, naturally, I hated him.


Let’s move on to the guys in Yi Kyung’s life. I included Dr. Noh because he’s so good to Yi Kyung :D. Scheduler. Oh how I adore thee. TBH, I never expected scheduler to be romantically involved with anyone, I thought he was just there to guide Ji Hyun (I would not like him to end up with her! HAHA) buttttttttttt, the twist made me happy 😀 Will deal with it in a bit.


S LABU K. My favorite couple (out of the many possible combos). Hints were given but I did not pay much attention. However, when I realized that they did have a connection, my heart went out to them. Aside from that, can’t you feel the spark between them? Even before the Scheduler realized that his long lost love is Yi Kyung, one can definitely feel the electricity/chemistry between them.

The greatest factor why this drama is so addicting is the mystery on who’s going to end up together. I remembered being confused even when I was already in episode 17. If I were to decide, I am fine if Yi Kyung ends up with Yi Soo (which is impossible, I know, buttttttt they’re my #1!!!) or Han Kang (with all his effort, you can’t not love the man). Believe me, the intrigue about love kept me glued until the end.

So let’s talk about the ending.

The last episode was full of surprises, some I guessed, while some completely shocked me! But one thing I like to add is by the end of it, I liked Ji Hyun (or rather the actress who played her) a bit more.

I don’t know if this will spoil you, but with everything that happened, I am satisfied with how things turned out. The answer that I was so ardently seeking ever since wasn’t clearly answered but I am just glad that they did not force the ending. Everything felt so natural. I am more than happy having that ending instead of the it happening the other way around.