This will be short xD

If you want to know more about the manga, going to Wikipedia will help =P

I DL-ed this anime months ago but I only watched it last month (it was sitting in my HD for quite sometime ne?). I did try to watch it months ago but I was, for some reason, annoyed at Misaki (the lead girl). She was supposed to be a tough girl, but everytime Usui gets near her, all she did was to blush profusely (it was acceptable the first few times, but every freakin time?!).

Then I attempted to watch it again last month. And I liked it better. I got used to Misa-chan’s blush but I think it can be attributed to Usui. I love the guy. LOL. If it wasn’t for him, I would have given this anime up. They are quite a pair 🙂 And Usui Takumi is one fine man. He’s got it all. He’s currently in my top 5 favorite anime male characters.

I read the manga after I finished the anime, and I liked it. That’s saying something right?