After a long looong time, I’m back with a mini review.

Thank goodness summer break started ^.^

I recently watched a Japanese movie entitled Beck. It was adapted from an anime/manga of the same title. I remembered seeing one of my friends with a copy of this 4 years ago but somehow the front cover dissuaded me from ever watching it.

So what motivated me? I saw an FB post of one of my unnie’s about this film saying things about Mukai Osamu, and being captivated by him, I tried to search about Beck. AND voila!

Man was I surprised. Not only was Mukai in it, even Hiro and to my astonishment – Sato Takeru! It’s like Mei-Chan all over again xD The fan-girl in me has awakened.I’m not really into music, specially if it deals with rock music. However, I appreciated all the songs in this film, moreover I appreciated this movie. There’s just something about Beck that makes it endearing, probably the cast? LOL.

Lemme see, 5000 pts for Mukai’s skinny topless body, 5000 for Hiro’s long hair, and another 5000 for Takeru’s silent singing voice, that makes it 15000 right? JOKE.

Though I stopped watching Japanese series/movies for months (or a year?) now, most of the casts were familiar to me. I love them all.

Let’s start with Hiro (will mention some of the casts only). Despite the hair (yes, I know), I like him as Ray. And the english man! YO! He’s good. I was literally gaping when I first heard him speak (I forgot about him living in Switzerland).

Then came Takeru. He can fit any role. Seriously. I have seen him in a lot of drama and he can adapt to any possible role there is! Him as Koyuki was awesome. I may be a bit bias but still. Though his singing voice was never heard in the film but I feel it’s better that way.

Mukai. I noticed that most of his roles are always the same. Some mysterious and quiet guy. I’m not complaining ‘coz it suited him and frankly, though he was not given enough focus he was able to give justice to his role.

Shiori. Such a pretty pretty girl. She’s younger than me which makes me envious. LOL. Another surprise learning that she can speak fluent english! I have seen her in some dramas and from what I can remember, whenever she’s on the screen, I can’t help but to look at her 🙂

I like how it all started with Koyuki being a victim of bullying and not realizing he has a talent in music. Then he met Ray who helped him but later on because of confusion, Ray hated him. Despite that, Koyuki strived hard and learned to play the guitar, and when he and Ray reconciled, he was relegated as a back-up guitarist, unbeknownst to them, he has an amazing voice. A story like this has a special place in my heart 🙂

I think you should give Beck a try. I enjoyed it, I’m sure you’ll do too.