I know this drama’s aired like five years ago, but still…

P   L   O   T

Eun Soo (Eugene) is a pure but unsophisticated woman who runs a small resort inn with her father. Eun Soo is just an ordinary girl, but her life changes when she meets a man (Ji Sung) who’s completely lost his memory. She takes him in and cares for him, and even gives him a name: “Baek Chang Ho”. Love blossoms, and soon wedding bells can be heard. But on the night of their wedding ceremony, Eun Soo’s father passes away. And soon after, Chang Ho disappears too! In the blink of an eye, the two people Eun Soo loves most in the world have left her. But Chang Ho had his reasons for disappearing: his real name is Kang Hyun Woo, and he’s heir to a large conglomerate. Even more, someone is plotting to kill him (source: dramawiki).

T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

This series became a hit a few years back when it was shown on our local television. That time, I hadn’t even seen a single episode of Save the Last Dance, I thought that I didn’t quite fancy the lead guy.

So what motivated me to watch it this time?

Answer: my utter disappointment regarding who ends up with whom in the drama Baker King (gaaahhh, I shall elaborate on it more when I do a review for that).

A few days back, I went to a store to look for a copy of StLD. Naturally, it took me three stores to find one. When I ask them to play it, I was shocked to find out that the only copy available was Tagalog-dubbed. So I bought it.

The bad thing about Tagalog-dubbed shows is that it has a lot of cuts, major major cuts. Another thing is that instead of playing the original korean OSTs, Filipino producers (if that’s what you call them) opted for the use of OPM songs. Then, let’s not forget about the choice of words. You could imagine that in a way, the real essence of the drama’s as good as gone (kidding!, well almost half of it is).

However, that did not stop me from watching this drama straight. I managed to finish it in two days time, though I have to admit that most of the time, I was doing something else while watching.

A friend told me that this drama defines all the cliche you’ll find in most dramas. I could not agree more. A rich guy (the son of a CEO) falls in love with a simple girl, the guy’s family opposes strongly then put in the rich and beautiful girlfriend of the guy, and poof, typical drama, and top it off with an amnesia angle.

BUT, despite that, I enjoyed watching this series. Thought, most of the times, what I did was to just listen to what’s happening, there are episodes that left me crying and left my heart at clutches. The scenes were so overpowering that I was like, “WHOAAAA!”. Moreover, I absolutely love the OST, especially Edward Chun’s Give My Love. Everytime I think of Save the Last Dance, that song will instantly come up and also the picture that I used above.

The thing is, I always thought that Hyun Woo was not to my liking, gladly, I was wrong. His character suited him well that I actually thought him gorgeous a lot of times ^____^ As for Eugene, I’m starting to really really like her. They both have chemistry.

If I am to tell you my favorite part in the series, it will have to be the part where Hyun Woo recovered his memory (at the same time forgetting all he memories he shared with Eun Soo). That arc’s the most interesting 🙂

This may be your typical drama, but still there’s something about this that ranks it above those other dramas 🙂