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Slowly getting there, aren’t I?

If you ever read my post(s) about Playful Kiss before, you’ll probably notice that I haven’t had the biggest expectation for this series. As much as I love It Started With a Kiss and Itazura na Kiss,  I had my doubts about the leads for Playful Kiss.

With less expectations come less disappointments, right? However, I frankly enjoyed watching Playful Kiss. It’s cute, heartwarming, funny and adorable.

P   L   O  T

Do I even need to include a plot of PK? Almost everyone knows about it (if you don’t, well better start watching it).

For me, what makes PK (or the story itself for that matter) endearing is that it shows the life of the two leads as they go on through life. It’s divided into their high school, college and married life. As time passes by, we can see them grow and mature.

T   H   O   U   G   H   T   S

As I said, I was sort of against Kim Hyun Joong’s casting as Baek Seung Jo, I can’t imagine him playing the role of one of my favorite characters of all time, I thought that it will ruin my love for the story. I may sound a bit harsh but that was what I felt at the time. But, turns out that he DID improve a lot since his BOF days, though he may act a bit stiff sometimes but overall he’s acting was okay ^^. I think Hyun Joong’s personality is a lot like Seung Jo’s. As I watched PK, I found myself falling for Seung Jo (no wonder there).

Oh Ha Ni. When I looked at the stills that were released before the series started, I was annoyed at her for some reason. BUT, she greatly surprised me! It took an episode (the first one) for me to completely erased my prejudice against her. She’s so pretty and very likeable. I’ll have to admit that she’s become my lady crush. And she’s a great actress, as far as I can tell. You can totally sympathize with her plight, and at the same time be annoyed at her ignorance xD. She made the series really fun to watch.

I guess no matter how many times I see a remake of Itazura na Kiss, it will always be appealing to me. That is how much I love the story. If there will be a man that I’d want to meet, it is someone like Baek Seung Jo/Naoki, cold as he may be but I can’t help but fall for the man. SJ and Hani’s story will forever be a classic. It’s every girls dream.

Seeing their journey together brought out a lot of emotions in me. My initial feelings of disappointment were completely erased. Their cuteness made up for it 😀

Though there were differences from the other versions (as much as I hate comparing), I did not mind it, though there were some important parts/info from the original that they should have included to make the series more interesting.

But if there’s one thing I was disappointed about, it was how the ending was done. I understand that the ratings were not that high for this drama and that they were only given 16 episodes to cram the whole story plot, but what happened? They basically cram what would have to be a second-season material into what? A 1/2 episodes + 1 hr worth of SP? Who are they kidding? URGGGHHH. If only they did not do that, it will be better.

Bad decision. *sigh* Though it seemed that Ha Ni and Seung Jo’s highschool and college life constitute the bulk of PK’s story line, but their married life is equally as important. It pained me to not see Ha Ni’s life as she started studying nursing, and meeting her new friends. Moreover, I wanted to see Seung Jo jealous (I mean REALLY jealous) for a change. Ha Ni was the only one we saw suffer a lot the entire series but why not Seung Jo? Why not include the male nursing student?

The special episodes may have included snippets of their marriage life, but what it covered were not the important ones. I mean why cover the part where the girl (I forgot her name) arrived from America when they didn’t even showed the male nurse (still feeling bitter about that)? Instead of mini SPs, they should have done a 2 hour special.

Enough of my ranting. They should have done a season 2 instead (promise this will be my last rant). Oh well, as if anything will change with my incessant complaints, LOL.

Still, Playful Kiss surpassed my expectations, and I’m glad for that. It also has a superb and entertaining casts ^_^


Did you noticed how Hyun Joong’s looks dramatically improved over the last few episodes? Even his clothes looked fabulous.