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Tama ba iyong balita na nasagap ko? Rayver as Lance? Seriously?! Okay, wala na talaga. wala na.


It has been 3 weeks now since I last saw Kristine, and from the feedbacks I got from my cousins, I guess I would not watch it anymore. Sabi nila iba na talaga yung story, as in super laki na nang pinagkaiba, and from a fan (of the books) such as myself, masakit na makita yung story na nagustuhan mong maigi na maiba, okay pa sana nung simula but then andami na nila (the tv show) ininsert na mga bagay na sobrang iba na talaga sa book, and yeah nakakadisappoint, nabasa ko sa forum ni MC na she/the fans felt na the show is not her Kristine Series anymore.

Pero I’m not telling you anything ah, if you enjoy the series, please do continue to watch it, pero I urge you to read the books para mas masaya xD I have nothing against the actors, I think bagay na bagay sila for the role, pero sana lang, ‘di na nagpasok pa ng kung anu-anong concept/twist na hindi naman talaga essential (sorry naparant na tuloy ako)


This will be long (depends on my mood). Btw Philippine/Filipino = Pinoy.

Today, it is common in my country to have dramas adapted from Pinoy pocketbooks, I have no objections since I have been a fan myself of PBs since I was in elementary school. Particularly I am a fan of Martha Cecilia’s work. I have blogged about the drama My Cheating Heart which was adapted from her work (and I love the adaptation).

Last Monday, another Martha Cecilia story was made into a drama – Kristine.

I tell you, of all the books written in Tagalog/Filipino, my favorite would be Kristine Series. Actually Kristine (the drama) is an adaptation of two stories from the series (the first and fourth book). There are a lot of stories in the series, which started from Marco and Emerald up to their children. It’s a bit hard to explain, but just imagine a story/series having two influential families (Fortalejo and Navarro), it includes the story from the first up to the third generation of their families.

The drama will feature the story of Marco de Silva (Rafael Rosell) & Emerald Fortalejo (Denise Laurel) and Bernard de Silva Fortalejo (Zanjoe Marudo) & Jewel Fortalejo (Cristine Reyes). I think ABS CBN will focus first on the Fortalejo Clan, however I do hope that they’ll make a drama based from the Navarro clan as well (as long as the casts are acceptable)


Having seen the first four episodes, I’ll say that it’s okay. One thing that hinders me from fully appreciating the series is the comparison I always make between the book and the drama. Having memorized the scenes from the book made me disappointed when I noticed that the drama didn’t feature a scene or they deviated and change the scene, however, I think the changes are fine with me. Still, I wish they did follow the plot more (hahahahahahahaha, confusing).


One name: RAFAEL ROSELL. Crap. He’s that HOT. If only he could play all the roles in Kristine Series, I would not mind, he and Jake Cuenca could alternately play the Fortalejo and Navarro men (+ the SEALs?).

Seriously speaking, I think he and Denise have a lot of chemistry, they scream of LOVE!!!! Personally, I am happy that they played Marco and Emerald’s role. I also love Denise, she’s pretty and I like her acting, she’s fit well to what my image of Emerald would be.

As for Jewel and Bernard (Jaime) I can’t comment now ‘coz they aren’t yet shown together, but as long as Emerald and Marco’s there I’m sure it will be worth watching, and as long as Cristine and Zanjoe can deliver (+ if they have good onscreen chemistry) I’m confident Kristine will be a hit. The books are brilliant and I know the drama will be too.

For non-Pinoy, please do watch the drama, I think someone’s subbing Kristine on youtube. I guess you’ll like it too, there are Pinoy dramas that are worth your time.

Engsubber’s link -> http://www.youtube.com/user/dailyphdramas

p.s. as much as I love the Fortalejo men but I promise you the Navarro men are way hotter (well for me! lmao). I should make a review of Kristine Series in the near future =). You should read the books! It’s a must ^.^



okay, I find Cristine and Zanjoe cute, haha. Ang cute ng story nila (sobrang funny), and i must say na I think I love the drama na, as in, though hindi ko siya mapanood gabi-gabi (may YT naman) pero grabe lang, ang exciting ng bawat tagpo, though bitter pa rin ako kasi iniba nila yung setting ng Paso de Blas (meaning wala na bang resort, yate at chopper?!) pero overall super thumbs up sa bumubuo ng Kristine! Ayon nga sa paguusap naming magpipinsan, “wala na akong maisip na ibang gaganap sa roles nila (M,E,B,J) kung hindi sila (R,D,Z,C)”.