To date, I have only loved a few sports icons, when I meant loved, it meant that I am completely head over heels on the said icons, as in my adoration for them matched no other. Here are those few (arranged by date):

Wrestling: *Chris Jericho (2004?)

Basketball: *Mike Bibby (2004? I think, I liked him when he was still in Sacramento, and when I was still an avid fan of the NBA)

Swimming: Michael Phelps (2004) – I think the respect I have for him will last forever (as evident by my Phelps related posts during the 2008 Olympics, he’ll be my most favorite sports idol ever.

and now just who in the world is HE (picture below)?

He’s my angel. Cheesssssssy. LMAO.

He’s Sergio Ramos, a member of Spain’s national football team, I’m sure you heard about Spain winning the World Cup right?

Honestly, I don’t like football, but I happened to catch a glimpse of the finals last week, and I saw him, at first I was irritated by him but the more I see him, the more I realized that I am already starting to like him, and now that like matches that of my other sports idols that it’s bothering me. I CAN’T STOP MYSELF FROM LOOKING AT SERGIO. I think it’s quite incurable, as a result, I dl-ed matches of the FIFA where Spain played, and now I think I am a football fan (which is quite a drastic event), and that is mostly because of Mr. Ramos. And I kinda restrain myself from blurting to the whole world just how much I adore him (okay, I was like showing 75% of my like for him).

Whenever Spain played, I will automatically look at the right side of the field. I can’t help but smile whenever I see him, and whenever he decepted(?) a ball. In short, I am so proud of him. I’m actually considering making a post about him, haha, but it’ll have to wait. I think I’m gonna cut this post short 😉

how I discovered S.Ramos

* bibby and jericho became so influential during that point of my life that I patterned my primary email address after them, and never did I consider changing my address.

** apparently I am quite confused on football and soccer, but now I know