Please tell me this isn’t true (apparently it is).

Kim Hyun Joong is now casted to play the lead role for the Korean Adaptation of It Started With A Kiss/Itazura na Kiss.

Seriously? As in seriously? *cries*

I don’t have anything against KHJ, but please tell me another actor will play the lead role. His fame (as an actor) started with BOF, but frankly speaking, I was not impressed by his acting. I like him as a singer, but as an actor? I honestly don’t know. It would have been better if they choose an actor (and actress) that is relatively new (hey, it worked on BOF).

Can I say that I am disappointed? Yes.

I guess I could tolerate it if it was ‘another’ drama, but it is Playful Kiss that we’re talking about here (favorite drama of all time).

I guess I have to give it a try then, I hope KHJ will do justice to the role. I desperately hope so.

p.s. khj lovers, don’t hate me, I’m speaking without bias here, do understand.