After weeks of endless reading, I found myself a new recreation: watching American Series.

It’s just that my roommate has this huge collection of American series and I can’t help but watch some of them.

I finished watching season 1 of Burn Notice, season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy, and after I’m done with these two, I’ll try watching all the seasons of Friends 🙂

Here, I’ll write my thoughts on Burn Notice (my thoughts on Grey’s will come in a separate post)

I never heard of this series, not until last week, when a friend pestered me to try and see this. She said that it was awesome.

At first, I find Burn Notice so-so. The video quality seemed old and I can’t quite catch up to the story line, but after a few episodes, I find everything good. As in real good. Michael’s the greatest spy ever and I can’t help but to love Fiona’s character. Every episode’s worth one’s time and it’s educational. But I think what I look forward to the most is the development between Michael and Fiona.