Finally (I think this post’ll be long).

If there was a series I’d been dying to watch for such a long time, it would be Grey’s Anatomy.

I’ll confess something, when I had my first operation (and hopefully the last) back in 2006, I developed a crush on my surgeon. It first started as a respect for him (since he saved me and surgeons are cool) and well crush = respect. After I was sent home, I turned on the television and what I saw was a commercial for Grey’s Anatomy, right then and there, I told myself “I have to watch that.” Sadly, it only happened now.

If only I am not easily grossed out and have a lot of money (studying medicine is really costly and my family can’t afford it) I would like to be a doctor (I idolized my surgeon that much). To compensate for my lost dream, I focused instead on watching medical dramas (I haven’t watched much).

I remember asking my friends before about the difference between House and Grey’s. They told me House focuses more on the cases while Grey’s deals on the emotions, I also asked them which was better, and they told me it’s House, so I watched House and ignored Grey’s.

Now that I watched both shows, I can’t really tell which I like more, but I think at the moment I’m liking Grey’s Anatomy better.

On to the proper review. Well not really since I’m just starting on season 2.

So far, after seeing season 1 I like the plot/story line of GA.

What I like about the show is how most of the casts started as interns and how they have these superiors who are bound to give them ‘hell’. I like the relationship surrounding the interns and how they come to accept each other. Honestly, I was annoyed at some of them (if not most) at the beginning. And looking back, I think it’s only Meredith who I liked (she’s so pretty), next would be George, and latter it would be Christina.

Being the romance lover that I am, what I looked forward to seeing is MerDer, I love how they started and they look so soo fine together. I would kill to have someone like McDreamy (I have this vow to have a doctor as a husband), he’s too gorgeous (I have yet to see McSteamy).

What prompted me to finally watch Grey’s Anatomy? It was a status I read on FB. A friend said that season 6’s finale’s the bomb, and because it’s not possible to start watching the sixth season, I started with the first. And boy, I tell you I am totally addicted. I felt that an episode flew by so fast and I can’t seem to stop asking for more. LOL