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Rookies Sotsugyou.

Contrary to what I expected, I did not cry (the closest were some tears). I realized that it’s because what I was watching was the fulfillment of the team’s dream, and I guess one will be happy to see one’s dream come true right (as made evident by what Kawato told Hamanaka)?

I enjoyed the movie as much as I enjoyed the series. This review will be very short because I poured all my thoughts on my review for the drama.

The movie introduced two new characters, Akahoshi (Yamamoto Yusuke) and Hamanaka (Takuya Ishida). Both were new to the baseball team. Akashoshi was at first resentful because of his attitude but eventually he changed, and with him on the team (he’s great, that’s undeniable), one could not ask for more.

I found myself laughing at most parts, and I’m glad since I’m laughing, for a change. And there were more baseball scenes which were heart pounding.

I’m glad I got the ending I wanted. I could not ask for more. Rookies is one of the few dramas that ended perfectly. Though I’m sad that it’ll be the last time I’ll be seeing them but everything has its ending right? And I’m sure we all got what we wanted. 🙂