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I’ve been behind dramas lately, but still I’m trying to catch up on some.

So there are three korean dramas that are currently making noise.

Cinderella’s Sister, Personal Taste and Oh My Lady!.

I’ve seen episodes of Personal Taste and OML, as for CS, I’m looking forward to watching it but I guess I’m a lil bit lazy.

Okay, so for my judgment.

1. Oh My Lady! – I’ve seen 3 episodes and I stopped. Honestly I think I’ll opt not to finish this series, I felt that the show is lacking somehow, that I can’t quite connect to the story, and I’d rather watch another series (oooopppssss, please don’t hate me). I’m a Super Junior fan, but for me Siwon still needs a lot to learn about acting, he might not be leading man material yet. I mean the plot is good (it reminds me of Last Scandal and there are similarities), but I hope they cast a better leading man for the role. Again don’t hate me, I’m speaking without bias.

2. Personal Taste – Watching Personal Taste/Preference wasn’t originally on my plans but it so happened that I was curious enough, so I tried. And I am happy I did. I instantly like the drama come the first episode. I’m not a fan of Lee Minho (yes there was BOF), but I developed this liking of him in PT. As for Son Ye Jin, she’s one of my favorite actresses, so I can’t complain about her =p (I’ll stop here since I’ll do a review after the series is finished).

3. Cinderella’s sister – I’m intrigued, seriously. And out of the three dramas I mentioned, I initially planned to watch this first but still I haven’t, but then based from reviews I saw, this is the best out of the three (though it depends if you prefer drama over light hearted series like PT).


[edited 5/4/10]

Now that I watched all the aired episodes of Cinderella’s Sister, I’ll have to say it’s my favorite of the three and I might as well say that I am so much inlove with the story 🙂