OMG. OMG. OMG. Jonghun!


Crap. I wish I was there. I wish I have a connection with someone inside ABS-CBN. Or I wish I was brave enough to go to ABS-CBN even if it meant waiting outside. LOL

Seeing F.T. Island on TV literally made me crazy, as in I was dumbfounded seeing them perform, and they all look so handsome on TV. And Jonghun. WAAAA. I think I’m inlove, he’s such a hottie xD Though the camera seldom focused him but during the few moments that it did, he looked so dashing. But I heard he’s a ladies man, oh well.

And Hongki! GYAAA, he’s a charmer, I can feel that he’s very down-to-earth, he’s one (if not the most) sincere person I’ve seen.

I wish (again!) I could watch their concert TT.TT I wish I had lots of money, then things would be easier, and fan-girling would be fulfilling. >.<