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Seldom it is that I watch Philippine dramas – more so, watch it from start until the end.

But recently, I’ve been anticipating every episode of My Cheating Heart, ang may I say that it has become a favorite of mine? 🙂

It has been years since I became hooked to another Pinoy Drama. Ironic it is that I wasn’t expecting to like My Cheating Heart but I guess I can’t help it

P  L  O  T

My Cheating Heart tells the story of childhood friends Mio (Jake Cuenca) and Nadine (Cristine Reyes). Being teased by other kids for her appearance, Nadine only had Mio for a friend, and she began having special feelings for him. But Mio only saw her as a little sister. Years after, Nadine got the shock of her life when Mio got engaged to another woman and she left for the US to mend her broken heart. When she is about to give her love up, Nadine hears that Mio’s wedding was called off. She comes home to sympathize with her old friend. Nadine seizes the opportunity to make Mio fall for her (abs-cbn.com)

There was a little discrepancy in the plot above. Anyway, just to add, Nadine then forces Mio (with the help of Mio’s mom) into a shotgun wedding. Mio, was of course reluctant but then he doesn’t have any choice. Nadine then was forced to pretend pregnant to save their marriage (again, it was her mom + mio’s mom’s idea). Conflict arises when Mio learned of the “fake pregnancy” and Nadine’s scheme to get him to marry her.

T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

My Cheating Heart is an adaptation from a Tagalog pocketbook by Martha Cecilia. I can still remember when I was in gradeschool (which was like 8 years ago?), I became so addicted with reading pocketbooks, and unfortunately, it was the reason (I think) why I’m wearing eyeglasses now, lol. Specifically I’m a fan of Ms. Martha Cecilia back then, but I never came across My Cheating Heart.

Anyway, moving on, can I say that if ever there’s a Filipino show I wished to be famous abroad, it will have to be MCH. No kidding. I’m sure people will like it. No doubt. It isn’t too much on the dramatic side (as is prevalent in Filipino dramas), which I like. Plus all the characters are loveable (esp. Mio’s mom, and Nadine’s mom). It has all the right elements to make it successful. The story’s easy to fall inlove with. & know what? I’m really motivated to sub it in English, haha, however, I can’t do it alone (sighs), I just hope somebody will sub this show.

Then there’s Jake. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He has become my most admired (short for crush) Filipino actor, and I only have three crushes. He’s too hot for words, as in literally. Aside from the looks, he’s a great actor. Really a good actor, and I’m surprised by his acting, honestly. As for Cristine, I’d admit that I don’t like her before, but because of MCH, I came to like her and her acting. For me, both Jake and Cristine fit the role well, I can’t imagine anyone acting Mio and Nadine’s role, plus they have this amazing on-screen chemistry, how I hope they’ll have more projects in the future.

Currently, My Cheating Heart is airing, and I’m sort of irritated by what’s happening, haha, but I guess it’s part of the story, but still… xD

I really hope non-Filipino viewers can watch this.