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I noticed I’m getting pickier when watching dramas these days -.-

I feel guilty, I was trying my very best to finish the taiwanese drama Black and White, but I failed to do so. Blame my heart, lol.

I am fine with the drama dealing with cops, mafias, and the like, but what made me stop watching Black and White was my frustration with the story and also frustration with some of the characters.

B&W’s composed of 22 episodes, and I stopped at episode 6. And why is that?

First, I kinda dislike Vic’s character. The scene opened with him on a bed with a girl, that I can tolerate but after seeing his “weak” character, I was disappointed. Yes, I am. It’s not that he didn’t act the part well but I guess I’m not in the mood in seeing him act out one. I prefer the more serious Vic in dramas.

Second is the female lead. I’m annoyed at her. LOL. One of my drama peeves is an annoying girl (and a brat + a girl who thinks she’s the “best” out there”.

See, how can I endure a series where in I don’t find the leads interesting? (okay, I do love ZaiZai as an actor).

The only reason I endured ’til the 6th was because of Mark Chao. Isn’t he hot? Anyway, after forcing my roommate to reveal the plot+ending of the drama, I decided to stop. If only Marcus + the forensic girl ended up together (or even a hint of them being together at the end), I’ll see the series through the end. But oh well, I’m just an audience, I should make my own scripts then, lol.

So there’s my review. I’m sorry if what I stated here offended you in any way, but I guess watching Black and White during this time (yes, I’m busy!) isn’t a good idea, also I’m in the mood for love stories xDDD


after seeing the funny side of Vic in the drama Wish to See You Again, I’m convinced that he can pull off a comedic role 🙂