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Last week, I bought a copy of Winter Sonata. I know it was shown years before, but since my country has done a remake of Stairway to Heaven, it sort of reminded me of Winter Sonata (STH & WS = Choi Ji Woo)

Plus, don’t you think it’s proper to watch Winter Sonata because in some countries, it’s almost (or already is) winter (does this makes sense?). haha

Out of all the Endless Love series, my favorite would be Winter Sonata, idk, ‘coz it was a happy ending plus I really love the story, the sceneries, the osts, the actors/actresses, and anything about WS. (AiH & SW will be tied in second place).

here’s an MV of WS to refresh our minds ^^

I haven’t finished rewatching Winter Sonata, but currently I’m on episode 11. And after watching 11 episodes, a lot of memories surged through me. I can still remember when I was watching it being broadcasted here and how the story captured my heart. But one thing I’ve noticed was how during the first half of the series, one can always see a mic hovering above + cameras being seen on screen, haha. It’s not that I’m criticizing the staff for these but I realized that despite these, it’s the story that we loved. And I don’t mind seeing mics and cameras around, lol, the scenes shown were enough to divert my attention ^^

Ohhh. And because I found out only recently that an anime adaptation was done, I’ll be honored to share with you the teaser for the Anime Version (credit goes to the one who UL-ed this)

I’m looking forward to seeing this, but I don’t have the time yet TT

anyway, I can say that Winter Sonata is one of my all time favorite Korean Drama. ^^ (and I’m using one of its OST as my ring tone xD just tell me if you’d want a copy, btw, it’s in polytone)